Apple registers domain sparking new rumours

New Apple iPhone 5 release rumours ignite as company registers handset website

Following a World Intellectual Property Organisation case Apple has officially gained control of and registered the website domain

Adding further fuel to the rampant Apple iPhone 5 rumour mill, new reports have suggested the Cupertino based company has officially registered the seemingly name confirming domain.

The most concrete sign to date of the upcoming addition to the iPhone family of pocket blowers, reports of the Apple registered domain has sparked further speculation around the imminent overhaul of the hugely successful iPhone 4S.

Having been squatted on by an fan forum site, Apple has managed to wrest control of the coveted domain following a lengthy legal dispute and having filed a case with the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

Apple iPhone 5 Rumours

Whilst Apple has remained traditionally cagey on the matter, a number of rumours have claimed to out a number of specs and design features destined to land on the Samsung Galaxy S3 rivalling handset with the usual array of faster processor, improved camera and revised design in the mix.

Said to be the last handset worked on by the late Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs, recent reports have suggested the iPhone 5 will sport an all new, metal backed design that will encompass a speedy quad-core processor and the as yet unconfirmed iOS 6 mobile operating system.

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Via: DailyMail