Apple premieres latest Michael Jackson song on Ping

King of Pop track given exclusive Ping outing

Michael Jackson track exclusive to Ping for one week

Apple has given the new Michael Jackson song an exclusive premiere via its social music service Ping.

The exclusive airing of the posthumously released track ‘Much Too Soon’ is Apple’s latest effort to push the slow starting Ping into the public consciousness following its unveiling alongside the latest generation of iPods.

Exclusively available on Ping for a week, news of the Jackson track’s location was announced on the King of Pop’s official website. Having failed to secure a much wanted partnership with Facebook, Apple’s Ping service was launched in September offering users the opportunity to follow their favourite artists and share playlists.

Jackson’s latest track release follows the outing of two singles last month, ‘Hold My Hand’ and ‘Breaking News’ ahead of the release of the full album ‘Michael’ on December 14th in time for the Christmas chart rush.

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