Apple patents reveal 3D gesture control plans

Future tech: Apple patent outs 3D gesture controls

A new patent filing placed by Apple has emerged in the US with the Cupertino firm reportedly looking to register the exclusive use of 3D gesture controls for touchscreen devices.

Whilst current multipoint gesture controlled touchscreens allow users to utilise a series of multi-touch gestures to select and manipulate onscreen content, Apple’s latest patent filing looks set to add an extra dimension to such controls.

Making use of gestures based on intuitive “physics metaphors” the patented technologies would use motion sensors to recognise onscreen to off-screen gesture motions and replicate the desired motion in the device’s open programmes and applications.

Whilst it is unknown exactly when Apple intends to rollout such 3D technologies across its touchscreen touting devices it is not expected the patented tech will feature in the upcoming iPhone 5 release date that is also expected to see the arrival of the iPad 3 or iPad 2 Plus as well as a new iPod Touch device and a HD Apple TV unit.

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Via: Engadget