Apple openly allowing iPhone jailbreaks after API is removed

Apple surrenders in battle against legal jailbreaks

Cupertino company waves white flag to jailbreakers

Apple appears to have conceded defeat in the battle with iPhone jailbreakers removing a key API (Application Programming Interface) that allowed the company to remotely check for jailbroken devices.

Whilst it has yet to be confirmed whether Apple has completely removed or simply disabled this section of monitoring code from the most recent iOS update, iOS 4.2, the apparent lack of the API follows confirmation from the US government that jailbreaking an iPhone is entirely legal.

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Despite being a legal option open to all users, jailbreaking your iPhone is a process riddled with risks and potential gadget breaking problems. Apple branded handsets that have been jailbroken to run custom software are liable to security flaws, erratic battery life and a variety of other error that will not be covered by your voided warranty.

As well as posing threats to users’ handsets, the lack of Apple’s API in the current iOS offering is also potentially damaging to IT managers who currently use the API as a useful tool for monitoring iOS files corrupted by external security threats.

With the battle between Apple and handset jailbreakers having been a fiercely fought one for such a long time, we can’t see Apple simply holding up a white flag and backing down this easily and expect an API patch update to arrive shortly in iOS 4.2.1.

Stay tuned to for all the latest on the omitted API and let us know via T3’s Twitter and Facebook feeds if you have fancy problems after jailbreaking your iPhone.

Via: TechRadar