Apple MacBook Air coming later this month

New report quashes tomorrow's launch rumours

The new MacBook Air was rumoured to be here as soon as tomorrow, but sadly that’s not looking like the case. Rather, we’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to wait yet, as it's looking like it'll launch at the end of June, according to new reports.

Taiwan’s Economic Daily has quoted industry sources as saying the first shipment is expected in late June. Together with the current model, 460,000 models are expected to ship this month.

The new Airs are expected to come packing Sandy Bridge processors (Intel’s latest and smallest, packing a punch without taking up space), with i5 and i7 chips, as well as Apple’s super fast Thunderbolt connection.

So, unlucky for anyone expecting a new laptop tomorrow. So what can we expect come Wednesday? Unlocked iPhones in the US, according to the rumour mill.

Via Reuters