Apple MacBook Air battery loses a third with Flash

Flash installation dramatically sups Mac Air power

Apple's Flash omission looks less petty

The true cause of Apple’s failure to ship the new and updated Apple MacBook Air with Flash pre-installed appears to have been outed as latest reports show adding the video viewing software to the machine cuts a staggering third from its battery life.

Despite later acknowledging that it had omitted the heavily used Flash compatibility from yet another of its devices, Apple remained tight lipped regarding the troubling battery diminishing issues.

Repeated consumer tests have reportedly shown that the new 11-inch Mac Air model can eek an above-spec six hours out of its battery when devoid of Flash. Adding Adobe’s software, however, apparently cuts that browsing time to just four hours, taking the shine off the “full web experience”.

Flash run banner ads are believed to be the primary culprit of the excessive CPU activity, replaced instead by a single static image when using the machine Flash free.

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Via: Engadget