Apple iTV content issues emerge ahead of launch

Apple's mooted iTV television sets and TV platform is struggling to attract content

Apple iTV has hit an apparent stumbling block despite still being nothing more than rumour as content providers reportedly shun the mooted service

Apple is struggling to encourage content providers to sign up to support its upcoming television platform, Apple iTV, new reports have suggested.

With the Cupertino tech giant long rumoured to be targeting the television market with its own branded TV sets dubbed Apple iTV and an adjoining app and content based streaming service, recent reports of Apple entering talks with key content providers have quickly been followed by claims of a lack of confidence and support for the service.

Apple iTV Rumours

“A major roadblock for Apple along the way has been securing content needed to make an iTV succeed,” an unnamed insider source and former Apple employee has told American news outlet USA Today.

“Apple has been unable to cut deals that would let it offer first-tier TV network programs for an à la carte iTunes TV service. That's seen as a key element to launching a revolutionary iTV.”

Yesterday Apple was rumoured to be targeting the streaming rights to the English Premier League as it looks to build a strong content base for the expected Apple iTV release later this year.

Is content key to the ultimate success of any Apple iTV product releases or would an Apple branded television set sell well of its own accord? Let us know what you think via the comments box below.

Via: USA Today