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A string of reports have suggested that growing competition and market pressures will see Apple migrate from its current and continually standard 3.5-inch offering to a new plus 4-inch model.

These rumours have been backed up by industry analysts that are convinced Apple will be forced into the screen size overhaul by the likes of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 and other Android phones

"It will be particularly interesting to see what the size of the display will be given that it has not changed thus far since the iPhone was launched with a 3.5-inch screen," says industry specialist Daniel Ashdown, from tech analysis company Juniper Research. 

"Competitors have increased their devices to up to 4.3". We would be surprised if they [Apple] didn't break from tradition this time and increase the size of the next model."

Further marking the Samsung Galaxy S3 out as the leader of the smartphone market, the latest reports have suggested the handset will sport a 4.8-inch display with a stunning Full HD 1080p resolution and a film-friendly 16:9 aspect ratio. 



The 16GB iPhone 4S lines up in retailers with a hefty £499 price tag. Prices continue up all the way to £699 for the 64GB edition.

Ahead of the iPhone 4S successor’s announcement, it is believed that the sixth-gen model will simply replace the iPhone 4s in terms of price points and range of models with any 128GB storage option likely to hit the £799 price mark.

There’s no news on the Samsung Galaxy S3 price as of yet, but we’ll keep you in the loop once we’ve got more info on that front. 


It’s a draw for now. While the Galaxy S3 is sure to land packing some serious power and the latest Android OS (otherwise known as Ice Cream Sandwich), Apple will no doubt have some tricks up its sleeve (what exactly, we’re unsure of however) that will - if the iPhone 4s is anything to go by - give the Galaxy S3 a run for its nicker.

Which of these blowers do you believe will end up stealing the best smartphone crown? Let us know via the comments box below.