Apple iPhone 5 release date to see NFC technology inclusion

iPad 2 to join iPhone 5 with in-built NFC tech

Apple to add NFC to upcoming iDevices

Repeatedly rumoured to be hitting both the upcoming iPad 2 and mooted iPhone 5, Apple looks all the more likely to incorporate Near Field Communication technology into its future portable devices as the company advertises a number of NFC roles.

The three new roles, two for managers of global payment platforms and one seeking out a test engineer for iPhone hardware all hint towards the iPhone 5 sporting NFC wireless technologies allowing for contact-free payments to be made with user’s iDevices.

Whilst Apple is targeting the role of test engineer for iPhone hardware at someone who possesses background experience in ICT (information and communication technology) and RFID (radio frequency identification), both basis form for NFC, the managerial roles will be tasked with “the analysis and development of new payment types and processes.”

Although not concrete evidence of the upcoming inclusion of NFC technologies in future iPhone and iPad iterations, Apple’s biggest hint yet of wireless payment making it to Cupertino designed products comes shortly after Everything Everywhere, the mash-up of Orange and T-Mobile announced it was to introduce widespread NFC payment plans this spring.

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Via: Engadget