Apple iPhone 4 prices revealed in UK: Update

Orange follow Apple and Vodafone with iPhone 4 prices

iPhone 4 prices show up on Vodafone, Orange, O2, Three, Tesco Mobile and Apple.

Apple's iPhone 4 UK price details are now available for most networks, with only T-Mobile yet to enter the fray.

iPhone 4 price details so far:

O2: Apple iPhone 4 prices revealed in UK

Orange: Orange iPhone 4 prices revealed

Vodafone: iPhone 4 pricing: Vodafone announces tariffs

Three latest to announce iPhone tariffs

Tesco Mobile: Tesco Mobile join the iPhone 4 price war

Apple Store: iPhone 4 pre-order available from £499

T-Mobile: iPhone 4 pricing last, but is it least?

Vodafone deny 'test' site prices

Vodafone appeared to have revealed their hand when their tariffs and prices showed up on a 'test' site. However, the network where swift to deny the prices were the real deal and iPhone fans will have to wait a little longer to find out for sure how much the new handset will set them back.

Vodafone offered this statement in response to the screenshots captured by Geeky Gadgets:

Hi Everyone,

A couple of you have cleverly spotted a test page which went live on our website not long ago.

I want to stress that this is a test site, and so any information on there is not confirmed. With this in mind, We’ve removed a number of posts from the forum which contain information which could cause confusion.

I appreciate you’re all going to want to talk about this from now, but no pricing information has been confirmed and so we’ll have nothing to add to any questions raised.

We’ll announce pricing information as soon as we can. Until then, please head over to the register your interest page to ensure you get the latest information as and when it becomes available.


iPhone 4 prices show up on test site

The price plans which broke cover on the Vodafone test site suggested that those after the 16GB iPhone 4 will only get the handset free if they are willing to fork out £45-per-month on a 24-month contact or £50-per-month for 18-months. The 32GB model will follow a similar route coming free for £60-per-month for two years or £65 at 18-months.

On the most commonly seen £35-per-month contract deals, Vodafone’s iPhone 4 users will get themselves 300 inclusive minutes, unlimited texts and disappointingly, just 1GB of data as Vodafone scrap unlimited data plans.

At £35-per-month, however, owners will still have to part with an initial fee for the handset, with the 16GB model setting you back £89 over two years or £149 for 18-months. The 32GB iPhone 4 will cost £179 and £239 on respective contracts

With the Apple iPhone 4 due for release in just 10 days time on Thursday 24th June and pre-orders kicking off tomorrow (June 15th), networks have not wanted to show their hands first in fear of being undercut. We're expecting the networks' price war imminently as service providers ready themselves for tomorrow's pre-orders.

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Five major service providers have all confirmed that they will hold the much-hyped Apple handset from its day of release. Orange, T-Mobile and 3 Mobile are all set to join Vodafone and the UK’s original exclusive rights holder to the iPhone, O2 in stocking the new smartphone.

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(Via: Geeky Gadgets)