Apple iPad may have delayed BlackBerry PlayBook

Touchscreen demand from Apple shuts RIM out

Sources say Apple's demands made life hard for RIM.

The BlackBerry PlayBook has taken an eternity to hit shelves, and isn’t even released in the US until next week. But it seems there’s more to the delays than RIM holding the slate back. Word is that Apple’s touchscreen demands helped push back the PlayBook by at least a month.

BlackBerry PlayBook video

Source: T3 Tech Videos

Insiders at touchscreen suppliers say Apple asked for so many panels for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch that it had caused a shortage, with RIM bring hit directly by the lack of materials.

The BlackBerry PlayBook was first shown off in September last year, and although widely heralded at the time, is now likely to face a major fight for recognition as the iPad 2 conquers all before it.

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Via Electronista