Apple iPad 2 launch live coverage

Join us for the announcement at 6pm GMT tonight

Apple iPad 2 launch date is imminent. Follow our Liveblog from the San Francisco event tonight

The countdown to the second iteration of Apple's epochal tablet computer is almost over. When the clock strikes 6pm in the UK this evening the iPad 2 will be unveiled to the world at a media event in San Francisco.

Once the March 2nd press invite (pictured) landed in our inbox on this week, the endless speculation and rumour-mongering turned to out-and-out excitement and we can't wait to hear what Apple has in store for the legions of would-be iPad 2 owners out there.

Will it have the FaceTime camera? A sleeker design? The iPhone's Retina Screen? Faster processors and better graphics chips? Or will it come packing a new-and-improved version of iOS? All of these questions will be answered in just a few hours.

Bookmark this page and get ready to slam that F5 key for up to the minute updates throughout the afternoon as we edge closer to the most eagerly awaited launch of the year.