Apple iOS 4.3: Web apps run slow in new OS

Apple trying to shift users back to the App Store?

Web app developers cry foul over Apple's crippling of HTML 5 applications.

Apple's stance on Adobe's Flash is well known, but now web app developers are complaining that HTML 5 - the web programming language that Apple said it was backing instead of Flash - is getting the short end of stick from Jobs and Co. as well.

Developers are claiming that web apps, which can either be run from the browser or downloaded and launched from the Apple homescreen, are running more than twice as slowly as they should when downloaded to iDevices, due to a bug in the recently released iOS 4.3 software.

However, according to The Register, some developers (who wished to remain nameless) have called shenanigans on Apple, claiming that the bug in iOS 4.3 is no mistake, but an Apple conspiracy to kneecap HTML 5-based web apps by making them look worse than they really are. So the theory goes, this will steer users toward the Apple App Store, where they will buy official app replacements for which Apple takes a 30% cut.

Apple have so far refused to comment on the issue, so whether the performance drop is just part of iOS 4.3 growing pains or dastardly manoeuvring on Apple's part remains to be seen. The controversy is the second time this month Apple have been accused of trying to elbow out the competition for its App Store, after developers of subscription-based applications complained over the new Apple Subscriptions scheme which hit their profits by 30%.

Via: The Register