Apple files 'inaccurate' evidence against Samsung

Dutch website accuses Apple of editing Galaxy S images

Apple has apparently been doctoring images of the Samsung Galaxy S concerning its size proportions in order to give it a more similar resemblance to the iPhone 3G. If this is true they could get more than a slap on the wrist.

Dutch website has claimed that Apple has been doctoring images of Samsung's Galaxy S in order to make sure it appears more similar to the Apple iPhone 3G

The website claims that the image was found amongst Apple's legal documents which were submitted to the court as evidence as part of an ongoing legal battle between Apple and Samsung over patents. The image shows the Samsung Galaxy S next to the Apple iPhone 3G with almost entirely identical dimensions. This is of course impossible as the Galaxy S is some size bigger than the 3G and boasts a much bigger screen.

This comes just days after the website claimed they had discovered another image, this time of the recently temporarily banned Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The image showed Samsung's tablet but with completely different dimensions, next to an iPad 2, again, in order to highlight what Apple believe to be unacceptable similarities in the products.

It seems almost incredible that a company as big as Apple could commit a faux pas such as this, however as yet neither Apple nor the courts have made any comment on the images or tried to disprove their existence.

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