Apple cuts price of Mac mini ahead of Christmas period

£50 knocked off Mac mini for UK consumers

Apple do the unthinkable and make a product more wallet friendly

Apple has quietly lowered the price of the recently released Apple Mac mini, knocking £50 of the device's lofty price making the basic model of the micro desktop powerhouse now £599.

Whilst European markets saw €100 chopped from the Mac mini, the £50 removed from the UK pricing eclipses the US savings, which in an unusual move have not materialised.

Refreshed back in June
, Apple downsized the mini making it even smaller than its predecessor whilst adding a HDMI port to the device for HD TV connectivity.

Whilst the standard 2.4GHz, 2GB of memory, 320GB hard drive touting mini has been cut from £649 to a somewhat more reasonable £599, the higher speced 2.66GHz, 4GB of memory rocking edition of the mini that sports dual 500GB hard drives has seen its unfriendly £929 price tag snipped to a slightly more acceptable £879.

Although this is good news for Christmas shoppers who were looking to snap themselves up an Apple flavoured bargain this festive period, we sadly can’t see the popular iPhone 4, iPod Touch or iPad following suit.

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Via: Engadget