Apple cancelling iPhone 4 pre-orders

Apparently random cancellations reported

Official email apologises and tells punters to get in line on 24 June.

Apple is cancelling iPhone 4 pre-orders, with reports across the web saying punters have received official notification that their order has been terminated. No official reason has yet been given.

It currently appears that this is a US problem, with customers on the AT&T network also saying they’re receiving similar missives from the mobile carrier. Last week AT&T’s site crumbled under the weight of the thousands of iPhone 4 pre-orders. Apple says 600,000 have already been sold.

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The official email from Apple reads, “We were unable to complete the authorization process for your iPhone order. As a result, we had to cancel your iPhone order. To complete the purchase of your iPhone, please visit an Apple Retail Store or an AT&T company-owned retail store.” Essentially, that means get in line and wait your turn.

Have you been affected by Apple’s random cancellations? And will this stop you buying an iPhone 4 when they go on sale this Thursday? Tell us now.

Via Engadget