Apple bans Gizmodo from WWDC

Tech blog seeks volunteer bloggers for event

Editor Brian Lam is calling for volunteer conference attendees to help cover the conference in Gizmodo's absence.

No prizes for seeing this one coming: tech blog Gizmodo - who have been making headlines recently after posting pictures of a stolen prototype iPhone on their site - have been left off the list of invites for Apple's 2010 World Wide Developers Conference.

The snub is the latest development in a case that has seen the involvement of the California police, Apple's legal team and the raid of Gizmodo editor Jason Chen's house.


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Gizmodo's iPhone in question was found in California by a student who, after realising what he had found, decided to contact various technology sites and try to flog the handset to them. Gizmodo allegedly paid $5000 dollars for the device, which is thought to be the prototype of the next generation of iPhone that Steve Jobs will announce tomorrow at the conference.

Despite not being invited, Gizmodo still plan to cover the event live, and have posted a call on their site for attendees of the conference to get involved and keep them updated with photos, video, audio and text messages.