App Week: SkyGo for Android, Gmail's disastrous iOS app

Plus: GarageBand for iPhone, Angry Birds tops half a billion downloads

It's been an epic week in the appsphere, with big news from popular titles like SkyGo, GarageBand, Angry Birds and Gmail. We've also got reviews of LOVEFiLM for iPad and the Korg iKaossilator for iPhone.

Android App News: SkyGo set for Android launch
SkyGo will definitely launch on Android, the satellite broadcasters has confirmed. The app has been a huge success since it arrived on the iPhone and iPad in August this year, but Android users have been left out in the cold. As yet there is no confirmed release date, but Sky told TechRadar that SkyGo for Android will be arriving in the coming months.

iPhone App News: GarageBand now available for iPhone
Apple has turned its revolutionary GarageBand for iPad app into a universal offering meaning you'll now be able to record and edit your tunes on the iPhone and iPod touch. GarageBand for iPhone costs just £2.99 and features all of the outstanding functionality that saw the app nominated for a T3 Award. Better still, if you've already downloaded it for iPad, it'll be free to port onto your other iOS devices.

Angry Birds App News: Bird-slinging game tops half a billion downloads
There's no doubting that Angry Birds is the most famous, most successful app of all time and developers Rovio underlined its top-dog status this week by announcing the egg-salvaging title has topped an incredible 500 million downloads. Check out the commemorative video below.

iPhone App News: Jawbone Up and The Eatery make you healthier
A couple of notable additions to the iPhone App Store this week are sure to help you on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Jawbone Up, from the makers of the bluetooth headsets, have launched an app/wristband combo that'll track your every step and every snore, while The Eatery for iPhone shames you into eating better by making you record everything you've eaten to a group of friends.

iOS App News: Official Gmail app is launched, is unusable, is pulled
You know the old saying... You wait ages for a bus and then one with three wheels, no windscreen and a knackered starter motor turns up. Well that might not be entirely true to the discourse, but it applies to the disastrous launch of an official Gmail client for iOS devices this week. The app struggled to get past the start-up screen due to a bug which sent an error notification, leading Google to pull the offering just hours after launch.


iPad App Review: LOVEFiLM Player
After a long wait, we've pretty much got a full boat when it comes to iPad on-demand offerings. We've got the iPlayer, SkyGo, 4oD, ITV Player and now LOVEFiLM joins the party. The UK's favourite movie rental service. The app is neatly designed, plays video at very high quality and currently features the full array of movies accessible on other devices. But it isn't perfect. Find out why in our LOVEFiLM for iPad review.

iPhone App Review: Korg iKaossilator
The digital iteractions of Korg's incredible synths have been rocking the iPad since its inception and now the iKaossilator is available on the iPad, and guess what? It's actually better than the original physical device... and much cheaper too. Our reviewer says the app is as faithful to the real thing as its possible to get with some added value built in too. Read our Korg iKaossilator for iPhone review.

Android App Review: Minecraft Pocket Edition
The online sensation that is Minecraft comes to Android, while the desktop version remains in Beta. For those unfamiliar, the premise is simple. You spend your days building structures out of blocks, before ensuring you're safely sheltered before the monsters come out at night. The pocket edition is an Android exclusive and a worthy port, but you'll need a lot of patience.