Angry Birds tops 50 million all platform app downloads

Rovio's bird-flinging dominates the world in 2010

Angry Birds' temper eased by mass success

Avian-flinging app sensation Angry Birds has surpassed 50 million downloads across all mobile platforms, developer Rovio has revealed.

Talking with CNBC, the Finnish developer declared the staggering download figures that cross iPhone, iPad, Android and WebOS platforms. The app which cost a reported $100,000 to make and involves catapulting birds at a band of egg stealing pigs has become a global sensation in 2010 and was recently declared by Apple as the most popular iPhone download of the year.

With console and PC versions of Angry Birds currently in the works, Rovio revealed that it “hopes to spin the franchise into a movie or children’s TV show.”

Racking up an impressive 200 million minutes of gameplay every day, the equivalent of 16 human years every hour, Angry Birds has entered near cult status with a range of merchandise now available and even Angry Bird day celebrations taking place across the world.

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Via: CVG