Angry Bird costumes fly in for Halloween festivities

Forgo scary for angry for Halloween with app favourites

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Angry Birds Nest
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Angry Birds Phone
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Angry Birds Costumes

Still stuck on what to wear for Halloween? Check out these imaginative Angry Bird costumes

Halloween is right on our doorstep and new costume ideas are hard to come by these days. So why not try your hand at becoming an Angry Bird this coming weekend as new costumes have been custom made by the guys at TheClockBlog.

The custom Angry Birds costumes are just the latest in a growing list of merchandise based around the phenomenally successful app that since launch on the iPhone has bridged the gap to many other mobile platforms.

Having already made costumes for the Red and Yellow Birds, the pair plans to add the Blue Bird and the Exploding Black Bird to their list before the weekend officially starts. Unfortunately none of the costumes are for sale, so unless they part with their sacred words of wisdom on how to make one (which they have offered to do), the Angry Bird costumes will be out of reach this year.

If you don't have the time, skill or energy to create you and your chums matching Angry Birds outfits for the night of tick-or-treating, Coolingo, publishers of the Angry Birds game have released a Halloween themed version of the game for iPhone and iPad.

Are you going to make your own Angry Bird costume for Halloween? Are characters for game apps the way forward rather than sticking to the old fashion Mario and Luigi? Well let us know what you think or plan to do this Halloween by telling us on our Twitter and Facebook pages.