Android powers Google to Tech Brand of the Year Award

T3 Gadget Awards 2011: Google announced as Tech Brand of the Year

Another year of going from lofty strength to lofty strength has seen Google beat bitter rival Apple as well as Twitter and Facebook to the title of Brand of the Year at the 2011 T3 Gadget Awards

More than just the world’s most popular website and the leading internet search engine Google has branched out across multiple fronts in recent years with its continued expansion of the Android mobile OS key to its being declared the 2011 T3 Gadget Awards’ Tech Brand of the Year.

Google has quickly risen to prominence in the mobile market with Android rapidly becoming the world’s most used mobile operating system surpassing the BlackBerry OS, Symbian and even iOS during the past 12 months and forging a powerful contingent across entry, mid-range and high-end handsets.

Google Android devices

Leading Android to the top of the smartphone market the Google OS has featured on a number of key handsets from the first Beats audio packing portable pocket blower in the HTC Sensation XE to the iPhone 4 topping powerhouse that is the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Pushing Android into the tablet market in an attempt to reduce the dominant share Apple’s iPad 2 holds on the market the tablet centric version of Android that is Honeycomb has featured on Motorola, HTC and Samsung tablets as well as the upcoming Amazon Kindle Fire device.

“Not content with pretty much owning internet search, Google has turned Android into a real threat to Apple’s dominance on both mobiles and tablets,” said Patrick Goss, Editor of Tech Radar and T3 Gadget Awards judge.

Has Google done enough during the past 12 months to warrant the title of Tech Brand of the Year or do you think there are other companies that have done more? Let us know via the comments box below, and check out tonight's other stars in our T3 Gadget Awards winners feature.