Android 2.2: Samsung confirms Galaxy S upgrade

Latest version of OS coming to top-end handsets

No date, but move comes hot on heels of official release.

Android 2.2’s arrival is causing a flurry of fuss amongst Google OS obsessives, with more good news about the software bump coming courtesy of Samsung. The Korean giant says all of its Galaxy S phones will be getting a taste of FroYo.

In an official tweet, Sammy said, “Galaxy S phones will come with Android 2.1 and be upgradeable to Android 2.2 which will support Adobe Flash 10.1.”

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The news comes just a day after Google rolled the upgrade out onto the Nexus One and HTC also confirmed that it was working on bringing Android 2.2 to the Desire, Legend and Wildfire by the start of Q3. That’s any time now.

Sadly, Samsung hasn’t delivered any word on when we can expect the Galaxy S to feel the FroYo love. But with rivals already priming their handsets for the jump, surely it won’t be long before we’ll be playing nice with better Exchange, full-on Flash and improved camcorder skills.

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