Amazon enters the race for cloud storage supremacy

Amazon could pip Apple to the post with digital locker service

The world's largest online retailer to beat Apple and Google to the cloud

Rumours of cloud-based music services simply refuse to die, Apple and Google have long since been the subject of speculation on the issue and today it seems that Amazon may be joining the party.

Word is that Amazon is looking to beat both Google and Apple to the punch by announcing its digital locker for video, books and music as early as next week. The service would allow users to store all of their existing digital content online, even content not purchased through Amazon.

Apparently still in the midst of negotiations with record companies and film studios, unnamed sources have said that Amazon could announce the service before negotiations are finalised.

With pressure mounting from all sides, how long can it be before the labels and studios will have to buckle to the will of three of the biggest names in the technology and retail industries?

Solid details about the service are few and far between with nary a peep about pricing. However, with Apple's digital locker rumoured to cost an annual fee of $20, Amazon would surely have to stay competitive.

Considering the aggressive pricing of Amazon's new Appstore and its apparent eagerness to win the race to the cloud, we could see competition pushing prices even lower - perhaps (fingers crossed) even free.

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