Amazon Android App Store moves closer to fruition

Retailer sends details out to developers

Android Market rival coming soon.

Amazon today moved a step closer to opening its own Android app store after sending guidelines out to prospective developers.

The store will be a direct rival to the Android Market and will offer applications for smartphones and other connected devices, fuelling speculation that an Kindle tablet, running on Android is also in the works.

In the leaked email, Amazon says it will keep a close eye on the content and will not accept applications that have been available on other portals for two weeks or more. It is also insisting that apps cannot be sold for lower anywhere else.

Kinda Draconian, huh?

Amazon has not announced a launch date for its new store, nor has it officially announced it to the media yet, but we'll be keeping our noses to the ground on this one? What exactly has Amazon got up its sleeve?

Link: Amazon (via Engadget)