90% of broadband users "unsure of speeds"

Survey finds need for more accurate advertising

Advertised broadband speeds fail to tally with adverts

Nine out of every ten UK broadband users are unsure precisely what connection speed they’re getting.

A survey by ICM has revealed that almost all consumers found advertised broadband speeds bore little relation to actual services provided. Those surveyed agreed that “up to” connection claims needed to be brought more in line with actual, achievable speeds. Last week the Advertising Standards Authority banned a BT television advert on grounds that customers had indeed been “misled” by the telecoms firm.

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The advert promised subscribers broadband speeds “up to 20 meg”, however upon investigation the ASA found that less than half the country could currently receive the new service. In July Ofcom released figures indicating that the average broadband speed advertised was 11.5Mb per second while the average speed was just 5.2Mb per second, half the promised rate.

Many of the country’s broadband providers still use telephone copper wires, where the connection speed deteriorates depending on the distance from the telephone exchange. More advanced fibre optic connections that don’t degrade the signal are still only available in a few areas.

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Link: Telegraph.co.uk