45% think switching broadband is too much hassle

Ofcom says procedures deter UK broadband users

Broadband issues are back in the news with Ofcom releasing survey results on switching providers

Ofcom is trying to make switching broadband providers easy for users, after saying that advertised broadband speeds are misleading consumers.

According to a survey released by Ofcom, 45% of broadband users feel that switching to a new broadband provider is too much hassle. The UK watchdog adds that with 50% of consumers now buying bundled packages, switching could become more complex under the present system.

Currently, the switching process puts the onus on the losing provider, which has to provide the Migration Authorisation Code (MAC) to the consumer who then gives that to the new provider.

Ofcom's plan is to consider putting the responsibility of the gaining provider, which would lead to a smoother switching process for the consumer.

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We're going to have to wait a bit though, as Ofcom will probably release the final plan by the end of 2011 for broadband and fixed phones lines.

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