F1 gadgets: Tech made from an F1 racing car

Deck out your house with parts of an F1 racing car

As we prepare for Formula 1 British Grand Prix 2011, check out our guide to the essential Formula 1-inspired kit to show your appreciation for the Vettel, Button, Hamilton and company

If you’re a true petrol head, this page is like a branch of Ikea opened just for you, with interior design made by Racing Gold in collaboration with F1 constructors’ champions Red Bull Racing. All the items you see here are made from parts of a Formula 1 car, from the lamps fashioned from exhaust pipes to gearbox salt and pepper pots. For each item sold a contribution goes towards Wings for Life, funding research into spinal cord injury, so not only do you get a talking point for your home, you’re also doing good.

Formula 1 British grand Prix 2011: Red Bull's Mark Webber talks tech

See below for our round-up of tech made from an F1 racing car

1/ LED desk lamp

These lamps are made of carbon fibre rods that once cushioned drivers as part of the car’s suspension, with a polished titanium end acting as the pivot.
Price: £2,995

2/ Exhaust lamp

This eccentric floorstander is made from a hand polished Inconel exhaust system with gearbox rings as lamp holders. Comes with a remote control that can be used for other lamps, too.
Price: £12,000

3/ Aero vase

Made from lightweight parts of a carbon wing, finished with polished titanium and mounted on the same Corian base as the Large Lamp, below. Each vase is unique.
Price: £1,495

4/ Large lamp

This lamp was once part of the gearbox, bits of which spun at 18,000 rpm. It includes the final drive unit, shaft and gears, and is available in lacquered “race finish.”
Price: £3,495

5/ Salt and pepper pots

Formerly gearbox filters, these have details like pressure relief valves and filter end caps for refilling. They’re platinum plated, with lacquered carbon brake pads.
Price: £1,795

6/ Disc mirrors

This wall-mounted mirror with titanium details used to be a carbon brake disc, and comes with a life history certificate proving its authenticity, should you for some reason doubt that.
Price: £795