Apple vs. Android: The psychology test

What your tech allegiance says about you

Are Google and Apple fans really that different?

Whether its being first in the queue for an iPad 2 or getting your hands on the next Android-powered HTC great, those actions clearly say a whole lot about you as a person and a tech-lover.

To find out exactly what your alleigance reveals about your personality, we spoke to psychological experts Tom Stewart and Dr Paul Buckley. Are Apple and Android fans really that different? Click the links below to find out.

Team Apple: The psychology test

Bought every generation of iPod since 2001? Step this way...

- Click here to find out what Apple says about you

Android Army: The psychology test

Embracing the Google generation? Here's what it all means...

- Click here to find out what Android says about you


Android Army VS Team Apple video

Source: T3 Tech Videos