Android vs Apple: Join the battle

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Do you love the iPhone 4? Are you an Android fan for life? Show your support in the war between two of tech's biggest names as we ask you: Are you Team Apple or Android Army?

It’s the battle that defines and divides the tech universe – Apple vs Android. Open source or walled garden? Design excellence or user creativity? Millions of us have already chosen sides by selecting a mobile phone that defines us.

The rivalry has been brewing ever since the Google Android OS-packing G1 signalled the search engine giant's intentions to wade into iPhone territory.

We marvelled at the 'revolutionary' Apple iPad when it landed last year, but the Google riposte came in the shape of a steady stream of Android powered tablet devices such as the Motorola Xoom and HTC Flyer.

But the battle lines are spreading: Apple TV or Google TV? Mac OS vs Chrome OS on your netbook?

Which camp are you in? Are you part of the Android Army? Do you want to rise up to conformity and make a stand against mediocrity and uniformity? Or do you align yourself with the cool, calm and zen-like nature of Team Apple? Pledge your allegiance. Have your say. Join the battle...