Alastair Cook: New England ODI captain talks tech

Cooky on Twitter, team mates, sledges and more...

England's leading batsman in the recent Ashes triumph, Alastair Cook has now been named successor to Andrew Strauss as the new One Day International captain. We recently caught up with the Aussie slayer to find out about his favourite gadgets, his team mates and technology in sport.

On gadgets… “Normally I need to get other people to set my tech up for me and get me through the teething problems. I got my iPhone about three months ago because I know everyone knows how to work it. I’m not
normally a Mac, or an iPad person. I have a good, standard PC laptop.”

On team mates… “Straussy loves his gadgets. He was the first person to get wireless headphones for the tour. He was also the first to get an iPad. He always starts a trend and everyone tends to follow. There’s now more iPads on tour than cricket bats.”

On apps… “I like to play a lot of darts. Jimmy [Anderson] had the Russell Bray Darts Scorer app, but we end up using paper because we play better when we know the score ourselves. Well, that was my excuse when he kept on beating me.”

On the new overruling system… “At first I wasn’t that keen on the idea. I thought that the umpires should have the final decision. But actually, with technology like Hotspot, Snicko and Hawkeye, it’s proving to be accurate. It’s changed the decisions from 94 to 97 per cent accuracy. It doesn’t waste too much time and I genuinely believe that it’s better for the game. But if it is used, every country should have it. At the moment it’s like you are playing almost different rules each series.”

On sporting Twitter controversies… “There is no reason why players should be banned from using Twitter. Obviously on tour we did discuss the best way to use it. If you read Jimmy’s tweets or Swanny’s there’s a lot of mickey-taking in them, just generally good banter. As long as it stays like that and it’s not giving away dressing room secrets it’s alright. Sometimes you’re not aware of the consequences after a drink or two, though.”

On the best sledges… “I enjoyed Jimmy Anderson calling Mike Hussey ‘Dave Hussey’ throughout the series.”

On his running playlist… “I find I like running to something like David Gray’s White Ladder. That slow beat stuff actually inspires me more than something upbeat, you know what I mean?”

On Graeme Swann’s sprinkler dance… “He will try and keep it going. I’m not putting any pressure on him, but there might be something else coming out. He won’t be resting on his laurels when it comes to making up dance moves…”

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