PSVR 2 rumored release date, price, specs and more

The PSVR 2 is Sony's next-gen virtual reality headset – and we've got all the details

PSVR 2 concept
(Image credit: VR4Player)

The PlayStation VR headset is due a successor with the PlayStation 5 now out and on sale – and Sony has indeed confirmed that the next-gen virtual reality device is on the way. Here we've gathered all the PSVR 2 leaks, rumours, price details and other specs in one place.

Like its predecessor, the PSVR 2 is going to be a device that's very specifically targeted. You can pick any one of the best gaming headsets to use with your PS5 box (as long as it supports the console of course), but the PSVR 2 is going to be on another level entirely.

There's still plenty we don't know about the PSVR 2, but a few pieces of the puzzle have slotted into place already – and it's guaranteed to be supremely powerful when it makes its debut. While we're waiting for the launch, catch up on all the latest PSVR 2 rumours.

PSVR 2: release date and price

Sony has now officially confirmed that the PSVR 2 is on the way – though it's not going to be arriving in 2021. The earliest you're going to be able to get your hands on a new headset is 2022, but it might even be later than that.

"There’s still a lot of development underway for our new VR system, so it won’t be launching in 2021," writes Sony's Hideaki Nishino in a blog post. "But we wanted to provide this early update to our fans, as the development community has started to work on creating new worlds for you to explore in virtual reality."

Make of that what you will. We haven't heard any real whispers on price either, though the original retail price of the first PSVR might give us some indication: that device launched in October 2016, costing £349 / $399 / AU$549.95, so expect something similar next time around.

PSVR 2: design

For the time being we haven't seen any leaked images of what the PSVR 2 might look like, although there are only so many ways you can design a pair of VR goggles really – they fit over your head and sit in front of your eyes. The technology that needs to be packed inside these devices means they have to be fairly hefty as well.

Concept designers are trying their best to imagine what Sony might be coming up with. The PlayStation XR concept from French tech site VR4Player is definitely eye-catching, and if the real deal ends up looking anywhere near as good as this, then we're going to be first in line when preorders open.

Sony has shared a few tidbits about the design of the upcoming PSVR 2. It's mentioned that it will run from a single wired cable, for example, so we're not going to get the complete wireless freedom of something like the Oculus Quest 2. Despite that cable, it does sound as though quite a bit of streamlining and refining will be happening when it comes to the PSVR 2.

We do know what the PSVR 2 controllers are going to look like, thanks to an early preview from Sony itself. As you can see from the picture below, the ergonomic controllers wrap around the entire hand, and we're being promised adaptive triggers, haptic feedback and finger-touch detection when they make their appearance.

PSVR 2 controllers

(Image credit: Sony)

Some of this tech, like the tension you can feel when you press down on a trigger, has been adapted from the DualSense controllers that come with the PS5 console itself. Sony says that a tracking ring on the bottom of the controller will be used to track your hands in 3D space, with no need for any external monitors or trackers to be added.

On the left controller we have an analog stick, the triangle and square buttons, a 'grip' L1 button, an L2 trigger button and a Create button. Over on the right controller there's another analog stick, the cross and circle buttons, a 'grip' R1 button, an R2 trigger button and an Options button. One of the uses for the 'grip' buttons is to pick up objects in the virtual reality world, for example.

PSVR 2: specs

Rumours and details of the PSVR 2 specs are still pretty thin on the ground, though Sony has said that the upcoming device "enhances everything from resolution and field of view to tracking and input" – so it sounds as though we're going to get a higher-quality display and a wider field of view this time around.

The original PlayStation VR offers a display resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, with a field of view of approximately 100 degrees – we've previously talked about the screen door effect that this can create, and so it's reassuring to hear that Sony has taken steps to improve this aspect of the device's specs. Based on a recent patent application, it sounds as though there might be some handy anti-motion sickness measures included in the PSVR 2 as well.


The original PSVR.

(Image credit: Sony)

The same VR4Player site that put together the concept video we've embedded above has also speculated that we'll be getting a 4K OLED RGB display, interchangeable battery packs, and a microSDXC for expanding the on-board storage – though whether any of those spec predictions end up being accurate remains to be seen.

PS5 exclusive games are still thin on the ground at the moment, and it's too early to start thinking about which PSVR 2 games we might see. The original PSVR had titles such as Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, Tetris Effect, Blood & Truth, Moss, Beat Saber, and Resident Evil 7 to tempt gamers into purchasing the virtual reality accessory, and Sony is going to want to have a strong roster of titles for the next-gen headset too.

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