iWatch said to have 'disappointing' battery life

Rumours claim Apple's tech timepiece may not hold much juice in the tank

Apple's upcoming iWatch is poised to be the pinnacle of wearable tech, although rumour is that its battery life might not be all that great.

Apple's big September 9 event is just around the corner where the Cupertino firm is expected to take the wraps of its long-anticipated iWatch and iPhone 6.

Although if the latest round of rumours are to be believed, then budding smartwatch-ers could be sorely let down.

According to a report from Jessica Lessin at The Information, the iWatch's battery will be "disappointing".

Supposedly this rumour has come from straight from the horse's mouth too, from Apple employees on the inside.

The cunning co-workers have supposedly "set low expectations" for the iWatch's battery and don't expect it to live up to the general hype.

If in fact true, then Apple certainly has some explaining to do at the big unveiling next week.

Smartwatches are supposed to save the need to whip out your phone, so its not really much use if it the battery dies before the day ends.

Plus this isn't no ordinary brand, this is Apple. With the huge hype there's been in the past few months building up to next week, we'd have expected everything to be just right.

Although this isn't the first we've heard of a troublesome iWatch battery, reports of the same problem circulated as early as January.

Apple even experimented with solar charging to help power its hi-spec wearable but scrapped it after it proved unreliable.

Either way all will be revealed on September 9 when Apple's iWatch shows its face for the first time.