Guild Wars 2 Hack: Over 8K user accounts comprised

Developer ArenaNet urges users to make changes to their login names and passwords

Chinese hackers have launched an agressive campaign to attempt to steal user accounts for the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Guild Wars 2

The series of attacks have led developer ArenaNet to issue a warning to players when their account comes under attack, urging them to make their login names and passwords more unique to avoid being compromised.

More than 8,500 accounts are thought to have been hacked, with ArenaNet claiming the culprits are accessing accounts using login names and passwords found on internet chat rooms and fan sites.

A statement on the official Guild Wars 2 website reads: “Now that Guild Wars 2 has launched, we want to ensure your time in Tyria is as fun and safe as possible.

“Unfortunately, there are people out there who work hard to gain access to online game accounts in order to commit fraud.”

The statement went on to include a list of recommendations users can implement to keep their accounts secure, which can be viewed here.

Hackers can potentially earn thousands hacking into Guild Wars 2 accounts, as virtual items can be auctioned off for real money.