Free upfront Samsung Galaxy S21 phone deal bags 300GB data for £40 per month

Get the Samsung Galaxy S21 for £40 a month with no upfront costs in the Affordable Mobiles January sale

Samsung Galaxy S21 deal, Affordable Mobiles January sale
(Image credit: Affordable Mobiles)

T3 is always on the hunt for the best phone deals, and right now in the Affordable Mobiles January sale you can get the Samsung Galaxy S21 for free upfront and with 300GB of data to use each month for just £40.

In our Samsung Galaxy S21 review, we said the handset was the "best Android phone for most people" and praised its "powerful performance" and "impressive camera system".

We concluded by saying, "if you want a flagship phone but you're not keen on paying over the odds, this is the obvious choice."

That's why we find it so easy to recommend this deal, it delivers an amazing Android phone with a huge amount of data to use each month for an even more affordable price.

Here are the full details of the deal:

Samsung Galaxy S21: £40 a month at Affordable Mobiles
The Samsung Galaxy S21 5G is now just £40 a month for 24 months from O2. In this epic January deal, customers receive 300GB of data, unlimited minutes and texts, plus no upfront costs. This phone deal gives you free WiFi and faster speeds with 5G, and if you add Disney+ to your phone, you can get a £2 discount on your monthly bill.

In addition to this amazing Samsung Galaxy S21 deal, the Apple iPhone 13 is on offer for just £44 with a very large 128GB of 5G data with no upfront costs. For those people who are already in the Apple ecosystem or who want to jump into it, this is a great way to do it in our opinion, as you get the phone for nothing upfront and also get a strong SIM plan that delivers buckets of 5G data.

In our iPhone 13 review we said it was "a phone for everyone", making it very easy to recommend.

iPhone 13: £44 a month at Affordable Mobiles
The iPhone 13 is currently available at Three for just £44 a month for 24 months. With 128GB of 5G data, unlimited minutes and texts, customers can get their hands on the latest iPhone model at a great price from Affordable Mobiles. There’s also no upfront costs!

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