Dyson has some GREAT Cyber weekend vac, hair styling and lighting deals for you

Clean up and fix your hair after Thanksgiving with these Dyson deals

Best Dyson Black Friday deals USA
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Dyson is a fancy-pants British brand that makes some of the best vacuum cleaners, hairstyling products, and fans that money can buy. What kind of brand makes those three things, which have nothing in common with each other whatsoever? That's right: a British brand. Very high tone. 

We know America loves Dyson almost as much as its owner Sir James Dyson loves Dyson, and that's why we know you will be loving these deals at Dyson.com, all of which are on NOW. They are among the very best Black Friday deals. Will they be among the best Cyber Monday deals? No, they won't; they'll be sold out by then. So get a bit of a move on, alright?

Dyson cordless vac deals

• Dyson V8 Absolute Yellow | Was $449.99 | Now $299.99 | Save  $150.00

• Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute | Was $550 | Now $400 | Save $150 

• Dyson V7 Absolute (Black) | Was $350 | Now $250 | Save $100 

Dyson hair styling deals

• Dyson Airwrap Styler Complete | $550 with free gift set worth $50

• Dyson Supersonic hair dryer Iron/Fuchsia | $400 with free gifts worth $120

Dyson fan, heater and air purifier deals

• Dyson Pure Cool Link TP02 purifying fan (White/Silver) | Was $500 | Now $400 | Save $100

Dyson upright vacuum (corded) deals

• Dyson Ball Animal 2 (Iron) | Was $500 | Now $300 | Save $200 

Dyson lighting deals

• Dyson CSYS task light | Was $500 | Now $300 | Save $200

• Dyson Lightcycle floor light | Was $900 | Now $700 | Save $200.00

Oh yeah, Dyson also makes lights. And very nice they are too…

Dyson vac deals


Dyson V8 Absolute Yellow | Was $450 | Now $300 | Save  $150
The pinnacle of handheld mechanical cleaning, this cordless and bagless vac deals with carpets and rugs but it really proves its worth when it comes to cleaning up spills, pulling dust of surfaces and cleaning car interiors. This deal is unusually good, and the intense yellowness of the extender tube is another plus.

View Deal

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute | Was $550 | Now $400 | Save $150 
If the V8 is the compact and cool cordless vac kid who makes short work of smaller spills, Dyson's V10 is The Daddy. Greatly increased suction means it can deal with all your floors while also making a good job of handheld, close-up work, despite being admittedly somewhat larger than the V8. Another fabulous deal. View Deal

Dyson hair styling deals


Dyson Airwrap Styler Complete | $550 with free gift set worth $50
In a fetching shade of royal purple, this is perhaps the most sought-after hair styling product on the planet right now. Dyson knows that full well, so there will be NO actual discounts here. You can, however, get your choice of accessories and cases worth 'up to $50' as you checkout. Fierce!View Deal


Dyson Supersonic hair dryer Iron/Fuchsia | $400 with free gifts worth $120
If you thought that was a lot of free swag to get with a masssively popular hairstyling product, you ain't seen nothing yet. Probably the world's best hair dryer, Supersonic currently comes with free gifts worth 'up to $120' when you check out. Those gifts being a very chic stand and an extremely stylish leatherette-style carry case.View Deal

Dyson lighting deals

Dyson LightCycle

(Image credit: Dyson)


Dyson CSYS task light | Was $500 | Now $300 | Save $200
Did you know Dyson did lighting? Well, it does, and their task, ceiling and floor lights are made by Jake Dyson – Sir James Dyson is his daddy. This is easily the most stylish of them, and boasts an LED bulb array designed to last for 37 years. Which should be enough to cover most people, let's face it. View Deal

Dyson fan deals

Dyson Pure Cool Link TP02 purifying fan (White/Silver) | Was $500 | Now $400 | Save $100
Speaking of daddies, as we were just now, this fan is a slightly older part of the Dyson range, but it still does a stand up job of keeping you cool and removing pollutants and allergens from the air, whilst looking undeniably handsome. Just as a good daddy should.View Deal

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