Cheap Apple MacBook Air M1 (2020) laptop deals make owning one easier

Don't miss these laptop deals on Apple's MacBook Air (2020) with its new M1 chip

MacBook Air 2020 M1 laptop deals
(Image credit: Apple)

Finding the right laptop can be a very challenging journey and especially so when you're trying to find the best lightweight laptop for work and play. A fantastic place to start is with Apple's MacBook Air (2020), which was recently updated with Apple's shiny new M1 chip.

Introduced in 2008 with the famous manilla envelope ad, Apple has been continuously refining the MacBook Air ever since. It has become a lot thinner and a lot lighter while getting more powerful. With the M1 chip, Apple has taken things to the next level, replacing Intel's chips with a more powerful and efficient processor.

Day-to-day, you likely won't notice that much different about the M1 chip over the Intel chip besides the fact that the MacBook Air doesn't have a fan, never gets hot, and is blisteringly fast at pretty much all tasks.

As we said in our five star MacBook Air (2020) review, everything about the device is perfect. It's blazingly fast, has fantastic battery life, excellent built quality, and a great screen. The only slight downside is the relative lack of ports, something most people can live with (especially those who rely on cloud services).

The only real competition the M1-toting MacBook Air has is from Apple's recently-updated MacBook Pro (13-inch), which was also blessed with the M1 processor. If you're concerned about having a truly ultraportable device, though, the Air wins.

The best MacBook Air (2020) deals (US)

MacBook Air (2020) | M1 (8-core) | 8GB / 256GB
$999 $899 from Apple Education
The MacBook Air is great value when it's $999 and even better value for education customers (a very broad category), who can save $100 from Apple themselves. Those discounts apply to higher-spec models, too, like the 512GB version.View Deal

The best MacBook Air (2020) deals (UK)

MacBook Air (2020) | M1 (8-core) | 8GB / 256GB
£998 from Currys
Non-educational customers in the UK sadly don't have access to the same discount but we'd argue that the MacBook Air (2020) is still exceptionally good value even at its retail price. While some Windows laptops might be cheaper, Apple's attention to detail makes the extra money worth it.View Deal

The MacBook Air (2020) with Apple's M1 chip is easily one of the best ultraportable laptops, offering an incredibly lightweight laptop with some good deals to be had for education customers.