Best Black Friday 50-inch TV deals

Looking for a new TV for your living room? We’ve scouted out the best deals on 50-inch HDTVs

50-inch HDTVs Black Friday 2021
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The Black Friday deals on 50-inch TVs are coming thick and fast this year. TVs around 50 inches across are the perfect size for the smaller living room: big enough for a real cinematic experience, but small enough that it won't take up the entire wall. It's also a sweet spot for the balance of price and features: you get the latest hi-tech OLED and QLED panels, but without laying out a fortune. 

That means that it is a very competitive market, and we are seeing lots of great deals in this category over the entire month, with deep discounts on top-end models bristling with features to bring the cinema experience home. Here are the best deals we've found this Black Friday season on 50-inch TVs.

Best Black Friday 50-inch TV deals

This 48-inch 4K TV has it all: a bright, clear OLED screen, HDMI 2.1 and 120Hz video, plus support for the latest HDR standards that bring high dynamic, cinema-like images to your living room. Our only problem with it is that the sound is only middling: fine for casual TV watching, but you might want to buy a soundbar for movie night. Fortunately, with deep discounts on this model this season, you can afford to splash out. 

Sony XBR-49X950H
4K TVs are really computers in disguise, and the brains in this model are Sony's top-end X1 Ultimate image processor, which can do all sorts of clever stuff to create an image that is sharper, brighter, and just generally awesome looking on the 50-inch LCD screen. It also has a wider viewing angle than most, so the whole family can enjoy the experience. It is lacking some of the newer features on the market, like 120Hz video, though. 

Samsung The Frame
Don't want the TV to dominate the entire living room? The Frame (opens in new tab)can help you put the living back into the living room by masquerading as a piece of art. Modeled after a picture frame, this high-end 4K TV displays art from around the world when you turn it off and has interchangeable bezels that can be swapped out to match the decor. Turn it on, and it's a high-end 4K TV with excellent image quality thanks to the Quantum LED panel and a connection box that hides the cables and inputs from sight. 

This model is on deep discount at the moment, so it is well worth considering if you want a 4K TV that is more out of sight when not in use. 

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