Best Black Friday kayak deals

Paddle your way to great savings with the best deals on kayaks Black Friday has to offer

Kayak Black Friday deals
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Whether you’re looking ahead to next summer and all its exciting outdoor activities or are ready to get out into the water this winter, the perfect time to grab your next (or first) kayak is in the best Black Friday deals. Both personal and tandem ones will be going on sale as well as options for beginners picking up the hobby and veterans looking for an upgrade.

You’ll also find sit-in and sit-on-top models here so you can get just the right type of kayak for your needs, no matter if you’re looking to tackle the closest lake, river, ocean, or whitewater rapids. You’ll also find something for apartment dwellers that can’t store a full-sized paddle craft at home.

Regardless of what kind of kayak you’re looking for, a number of makers and retailers will be offering some great sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So, hold onto your paddles, grab your credit card, and read on to find the best deals on kayaks this holiday season.

Best Black Friday kayak deals

Perception Joyride 10 Kayak
This sit-in 10-foot kayak is not only one of the most popular kayaks out there but it’s also one that’s likely to see a sale or two this Black Friday. There’s good reason for its popularity. It’s comfortable, has great stability, and has an adjustable seat. Add in a storage latch with a hinged lid and a selfie slot for those inevitable pictures you’ll be taking on the water and there’s a lot to love about the Perception Joyride 10.

Oru Inlet Foldable Kayak
If you’ve ever wanted a kayak that can fit in your closet when not in use, then Oru has you covered. This almost 10 foot-long paddle craft folds up into the size of a large suitcase for easy transport and weighs only 20 pounds. While there are several models in Oru’s series of foldable kayaks, this is the original, the cheapest, and the one most likely to get a sale come Black Friday. The Inlet is perfect for beginners and casual kayak users who want one of their own.

Pelican Sentinel 100x Angler Kayak
The Pelican Sentinel 100x may be compact but this sit-on-top kayak is incredibly stable, thanks to its flat bottom hull. You’ll be able to reel in your catch without a worry. And, it comes with great fishing-specific features as well like two rod tie-downs and flush mount rod holders. If this craft is on your shortlist, then Black Friday should bring good news as this angler model, along with the recreational one, is already seeing an early sale.

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak
You’re always taking a risk with more budget paddle craft options, so it’s a good thing that the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is such a solid option. For less than $200, it will have you and a friend exploring your local waterways. And, this tandem, sit-in kayak is also inflatable so you can save money and space when you buy it. As such a popular model over at Amazon, it’s just a matter of time before the holiday shopping spirit graces the K2 with a sale.

Riot Edge 14.5 Kayak
If you want to go out on the open sea, you can’t just grab any kayak and expect good results. You need something that can handle the unpredictability of the ocean like the Riot Edge 14.5 Kayak. Its long 14 and a half foot length and narrow frame make it perfect for cutting through waves. With its adjustable seat and two hatches with sealed bulkheads, it’s easy to spend hours in the Riot Edge. If this is the right kayak for you, just know that you’ll have to go to more outdoor-focused retailers like REI to find it.

Top Retailers

Black Friday Amazon Kayak Deals (opens in new tab)
If you’re looking for Black Friday deals on kayaks, Amazon is the place to go. Though some popular picks that we’ve included haven’t quite picked up a sale, there are some, like the Pelican models, that already have. Make sure to check back often to find stellar savings on your next watercraft.
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Black Friday REI Kayak Deals (opens in new tab)
As the go-to retailer for all things outdoors, REI is the perfect place to look for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on kayaks. Also, know that REI likes to reward shoppers who become members of their co-op, so sign up if you want to take advantage of REI’s best offers.
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Black Friday Walmart Kayak Deals (opens in new tab)
Walmart may not be the retailer that comes to mind if you’re looking for a quality kayak but they actually carry some fantastic options including models from Perception, Pelican, and Intex. And, given that Walmart never sits out a shopping holiday, a sale on one of these is sure to appear.
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