The best Amazon Prime Day headphone deals: what to look out for from Beats, Sennheiser, Apple, Sony and the rest

Because there WILL be deals on headphones. Oh yes…

Amazon Prime Day headphone deals
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Looking for a cheap headphones on Amazon Prime Day? Whether you're after in-ear buds or over-ear headphones, true wireless, wireless or wired, here's what you should look out for… Why, there's so much choice when it comes to headphones, it’s almost a shame we only have two ears.

A new set of headphones isn’t just a lifestyle or fashion statement. If you've recently upgraded your smartphone to a model that’s dumped traditional 3.5 mm jack for USB-C, it's definitely time to buy (unless you like those funny little plug adaptors).

The good news is Amazon Prime Day provides a great opportunity to add more cans to your gadget cupboard. With 48 hours of frantic price cutting in the offing, you're certain to a nab a bargain or two. Here, we've got a guide to some more audiophile headphones we think will be on sale, but first up, we know a lot of you will be looking for Beats by Dre headphone deals – we see the sales data every year – or cheap Bose noise cancelling headphones. So here's a couple of easy wins to kick us off…

• Beats Solo3 Wireless £149 at Very (was £249, save £100)

• Bose QuietComfort 35 II £249 at Peter Tyson (was £329, save £80)

Amazon Prime Day headphone buying tips

If you're buying for home use, perhaps to use with a desktop headphone amp or two- channel Hi-Fi system, then your priority should always be audio quality and comfort. For absolute resolution, opt for a wired connection rather than wireless. Then decide if you want open back, for enhanced spatial reality, or a more isolating closed back design.

Wireless is the way to go when hooking up to a mobile device or pairing with a Bluetooth equipped television or laptop but be aware that you will need Bluetooth with low latency if you don't want a time lag between spoken dialogue and the characters' lips.

For the daily commute, or in-flight travel, noise cancelling can be very handy indeed, although the effectiveness of active noise cancelling technology varies dramatically between brands (see our guide to the best, linked above).

The other key specialist area for headphones is gaming. Providing an immersive audio experience, the intensity of your favourite shoot-em-up will be dramatically enhanced through headphones and who knows? Your game play might even benefit.

Are those headphones REALLY a deal?

The most important thing about getting 'cheap' headphones on Amazon Prime Day is to check they're actually cheap. Where possible we will let you know if deals are solid gold, or slightly bronze based on previous sales, deals and reductions over the product's life span.

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T3's pick of likely Amazon Prime Day headphones deals

These are educated guesses as to what will be on sale on Monday and Tuesday (July 15-16) at Amazon. We will of course bring you the actual deals when the Prime Day embargoes lift on Monday. So what high-tech ear muffs should you be searching for when Prime Day dawns? Let’s go to Deaf-con 1…

Sony WH-1000XM3

Amazon Prime Day headphones deals

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The latest iteration of Sony's best-selling noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones are brilliant both with music and voice.  The quality of noise suppression is second to none;  unlike rival noise cancelling headphones,  these Sony’s feature a powerful QN1 processing chip able to combat general hubbub in real time.

The WH-1000XM3 are extremely comfortable (note the padded headphone band), certainly snug enough to last a long-haul flight; they also offer clever touch awareness. Dabbing the right ear cup allows you to momentarily listen to exterior announcements.  

With a generous 30 hour battery life, you'll not panic if you forget to charge them before leaving for the silent disco. Keep an eye out not just for these but also old stocks of WH-1000XM2 or even the original WH-1000X. They are not all that different to the latest model.

• Shop Sony headphones at Amazon

Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature

Amazon Prime Day headphone deals

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If you're looking for high performance, wired hi-fi headphones that don't complain at being plugged directly into a phone, keep an eye open for a Prime Day deal on Bowers & Wilkins sumptuous Signature P9.  Designed with the audiophile in mind, they boast supreme clarity and spatial imaging, and have sophisticated styling. If you’ve amassed a collection of high resolution audio tracks, these headphones will be the perfect match, but unlike a lot of audiophile headphones they will work quite happily with your mobile – although using a portable DAC is of course preferred.

• Shop for Bowers & Wilkins headphones at Amazon

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless

Amazon Prime Day headphone deals

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Sennheiser has an enviable reputation when it comes to high calibre audio and it's first True Wireless in-ears don't disappoint. They offer helpful touch control and support both music and calls, but also a solid job when it comes to noise cancellation. Arguably not the sexiest true wireless headphones available, these sound excellent and have a four-hour plus battery life, making them a legit AirPod alternative. 

UPDATE: Sennheiser informs us there won't be any official deals on Momentum True Wireless, but keep an eye out for 3rd-party deals and other Sennheiser headphones and buds…

• Shop for Sennheiser headphones at Amazon


Amazon Prime Day headphone deals

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When shortlisting gaming headphones, an entirely different set of criteria comes into play. Ideally headsets should be light and spatially precise The RIG 600HX are an excellent option. Compatible with Xbox One, PS4 and PC, there’s support for Dolby Atmos content while high resolution 40mm drivers keep details crisp. Relatively inexpensive, even when must not discounted, they could prove an irresistible Prime Day Deal deal

• Shop for RIG headphones at Amazon

Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2

Amazon Prime Day headphones deals

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Could these be an Amazon Prime Day Bluetooth headphone steal?  Offering active noise cancelling, with active open-listening mode (useful for station announcements), they’re stylish enough for everyday use and consistently fun to listen too. The Backbeat range have always been comfortable beyond their station, but don’t expect the same calibre of noise cancelling as you’ll find on more expensive Sony or Bose cans.

• Shop for Plantronics headphones at Amazon

More Amazon Prime Day headphones deals to look out for…

Amazon Prime Day headphone deals

This shady character has grabbed a bargain

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Headphones are an everyday essential, whether listening to playlists, catching up on an audiobook or sniggering along to a podcast. Most of us own more than one pair, because different styles suit different pastimes.

In-ear headphones, often called earbuds, are typically low cost and wired. Budget buds are not known for their audio quality, and can prove uncomfortable over long periods. However, venture up the price scale and performance and comfort improve dramatically. Focal’s Bluetooth Spark wireless earbuds are properly premium, for example, while SoundMagic wireless headphones are always astonishing VFM, even when there's not a sale on.

• Shop Focal headphones at Amazon

• Shop SoundMagic buds at Amazon

On-ear headphones sit atop your ears. Not as isolating as over-ear cups, they’re typically smaller than over-ear models, making them easier to pop in a bag. Value is also usually higher. We reckon the AKG Y500 wireless cans are something of a bargain, at £130, while Urbanista’s Seattle line looks sharp without breaking the bank, at £60.

• Shop AKG headphones at Amazon

• Shop Urbanista headphones at Amazon 

Over-ear headphones, aka full-size headphone, completely cover your ears. Sometimes called circumnaural, they’re the headphone style of choice for Hi-Fi enthusiasts, typically using larger drivers for greater clarity and immersion. The retro-styled, open-backed Grado SR80e are great for at home solo listening, and will typically set you back less than £100.

• Shop Grado headphones at Amazon

The biggest buzz in headphones right now is True Wireless.  These in-ear buds are completely wire free, unlike standard 'wireless' Bluetooth headphones which are typically tethered to each other. True wireless offer total freedom. The most common examples you’ll see today are Apple’s omnipresent AirPods, but Beats Powerbeats Pro and Sony’s new WF-1000XMK3 leave them behind when it comes to sound quality. The latter won't be available at Amazon as they don't launch until August but you might well find the old WF-1000X mark 1 going cheaper than usual.

• Shop for true wireless headphones at Amazon

Another contender is Libratone Track Air+ which actually launches on Amazon Prime Day.

• Shop for Libratone headphones at Amazon

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