Aston Martin is remaking the classic James Bond 'Goldfinger' DB5

Now is your chance to own a bit of film and automotive history, you'll need deep pockets though

It's one of the most instantly recognisable car of all-time, and 54-years after its first appearance on screen, the iconic Aston Martin DB5 is back. 

Called the Goldfinger DB5 continuation model, Aston Martin is making and selling an authentic reproduction of James Bond’s legendary gadget-filled vehicle.

The cars will be just like the DB5 seen on screen, of course, with some sympathetic modifications to make the most of modern manufacturing techniques, improving both the build quality and reliability.

Only 25 cars will be made, and each will include functioning gadgets, such as a revolving number plate (although, we're guessing there won't be tyre slashers or front-facing machine guns).

The cars are a unique collaboration between Aston Martin and EON Productions, with Oscar-winner Chris Corbould, special effects supervisor from the James Bond films, developing the gadgets.

All the Goldfinger edition cars will be produced to one specification – complete with Silver Birch paint – just like the original.

Now comes the price – are you sitting down? Each Goldfinger DB5 continuation car will be priced at £2.75m (plus taxes), and first deliveries will commence in 2020.