How to get a big butt locked DOWN: best home workout for glutes

Six exercises to have a strong, rounded butt in no time – minimum equipment required

How to get a big butt at home
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Glute training at home is not just for women, just like the best biceps and triceps workout for home is not for men only either. Every gender can benefit from a strong butt, let it be improved posture or the ability to show off in a group gathering doing pistol squats. Better still, you won't need the best home gym equipment either to train your butt muscles at home, although having some extra gear can help you train your other muscles more efficiently, too.

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What you will need, however, is a yoga mat, some resistance bands and potentially a kettlebell or a dumbbell. It is also advised to track your heart rate during exercising in general, so a good heart rate monitor, running watch or a fitness tracker could come in handy too. Apart from tracking heart rate, logging and analysing your exercises in the accompanying apps can help you stay motivated on the long run.

The workout consists of two sets of three glute exercises. Do each set four times with no breaks between the exercises but 60 seconds between the sets. Once done with the first set, have a 2-minute break and proceed to the second set and do the same as you did in the first set.

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best glute home workout: man doing hamstring stretches

Make sure you warm up before you start exercising

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Although you won't be using heavy weights during this workout, it is still advised to warm up and stretch your muscles properly before you start working out. Glutes are the biggest muscles in your body and you don't want to get muscle cramps in them as you do your workout.

You will mainly be using your lower body in this exercise, therefore we recommend doing the following warmup exercises:

- Ankle circles (30 seconds each side)

- Knee to chest (3-5 times each side)

- Knee to butt (3-5 times each side)

- Standing to touches (15-30 seconds)

- Standing spinal twist (3-5 turns each side)

Set #1

best glute home workout: goblet squat

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Goblet squat

Do this for 60 seconds.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your toes pointing forwards. Hold the kettlebell up to your chest, your back straight, core engaged. Bend your knees and squat down, all the while keeping your back straight. Use your glutes and quads to push yourself back up. The movement should be slow and controlled for maximum muscle activation.

best glute home workout: single leg deadlift

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Single leg deadlift

Do this exercise for 60 seconds.

To perform a single leg deadlift, stand with the kettlebell/dumbbell in one hand and the other hand placed on your waist. Bend forward, keeping your back straight, whilst also keeping your arm – the one holding the weight – straight, lowering it to the ground as you bend forward. Simultaneously, raise your extended leg behind your on the other side of your body. Stop when your back is parallel to the ground, then lift your back up to the starting position.

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best glute home workout: side lunge

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Side lunge

Do this exercise for 60 seconds.

To perform a side lunge, stand with your legs roughly shoulder width apart, body fully upright, with your hands in front of your body – just like on the picture above, but without holding a weight. You can use a weight if you want to to increase intensity.

When ready, step to the side as far as it feels comfortable, then bend the knee of your supporting leg slightly. Don't try to overdo it and go all the way down when you are in the side step position. Especially if you haven't exercised much before, you might find it difficult to push yourself back up from a deep squat position. 

After the squat, extend your leg again and step back to the starting position. Repeat with the other leg.

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Set #2

best glute home workout: donkey kicks

Donkey kicks

Do this exercise for 30 seconds each side.

Place the yoga mat on the floor and go down on all fours. Back straight, hands under the shoulders and legs under the hips (tabletop position).

Starting on your right side, shoot your leg straight up and down behind you. Each time your leg comes down it should not return all the way to the floor but hover just above it. After 30 seconds, switch legs and repeat.

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Fire hydrant

Do this exercise for 30 seconds each side.

Same starting position as above (tabletop position). Fire hydrants are similar to donkey kicks but as opposed to kicking your leg back, you swing your legs to the side, one at the time. Leg stay bent, you only work your glutes as you rotate the leg out. Don't place the leg down when it returns to the starting position, hover it over the floor just a tiny bit. After 30 seconds, switch legs.

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best glute home workout: glute bridge

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Glute bridge

Do this exercise for 60 seconds,

Turn onto your back and lie down with your legs bent at the knee and your feet flat on the floor. Your feet should be shoulder width apart and pointing forwards. Raise your hips as high as you can keeping your feet flat on the floor. On the last raise hold the position when your butt is lifted for as long as you can and squeeze your glutes for added intensity. 

You can make this harder by adding a bar weight across your hips so that you are lifting additional weight.

best glute home workout: cobra pose

The cobra pose is great way to finish off the glute workout

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By the end of this home glute workout, your butt will feel pretty exhausted. To bring the heart rate back down, try doing some stretching and some yoga poses. Two great yoga poses are the cat-cow pose, the extended puppy pose and the cobra pose.

The cat-cow pose start with taking on the tabletop pose. Then drop your belly down by curving the back. Hold the pose for three breaths then push the back up and really arch your back. Hold this pose for three breaths, then return to the staring position.

The extended puppy pose also starts in the tabletop position. Slide your hands forward and slightly outward until your nose touches the mat. Your back should be straight and your butt sticking up as you hold the pose. Do this for 3-5 breaths.

For the cobra pose, pay down on your belly, palms on the floor just under your armpits, elbows bent. Your whole body, apart from the elbows, should be flat on the floor. Then, push your arms up and arch your back, trying to look upwards. Only extend your arms as long as it feels comfortable and don't try to over-reach. Keep the pose for three breaths and return to the starting position.