The best desk organisers: make your home office better organised

De-clutter and tidy your desk with a stylish organiser that'll keep your workspace 'just so'

Modern desk organisers assist you in everything from storing your phone  to organising cables keeping your tech charged. And of course, giving you a place to store your pens.

Picture this nightmare scenario: the phone’s ringing and you can’t find a pen, even though you bought a pack of five the other day, and the the person on the end of the line asks ‘have you got a pen to hand?’ and you panic and say 'yes!' because you think you’ll find one easily but they’ve all mysteriously disappeared, and you end up having to cut your finger open with an unbent paperclip and write notes in your own blood so as not to lose face. We've all been there, right?

If you prefer to keep tech in your pocket or on the desk, as God intended, a low-tech yet stylish paper tray can be an ideal way to store your documents, print-outs and post. If space is at a premium, keep your eyes peeled for wall hanging document organisers that will enable you to keep your desk clear.

Anyway, enough of this witty banter: onto our round-up of the best desk tidies and organisers. And while you're addressing your desk setup, make sure you also check out our guide to the best standing desks and the best office chairs, too.

The best desk organisers, in order

1. Cyanics iStick Desktop Organizer

Best desk organiser for tech

Size: W54.1xH10.2xD7.6cm
Type: Computer Caddy
Reasons to buy
+iPhone charger+Additional USB points
Reasons to avoid
-Limited pen storage 

This desk organiser is more like a stylish IT hub, replete as it is with USB ports, a charging cable and card reader slots. 

Cyanics has also managed to incorporate a multi-use storage box, pen holders and a holder for your morning beverage cup. 

The handy, screen-width design sits neatly between your screen and your keyboard, with space for your phone, pens, notes and photos to spruce up your workspace. Convenience and style, in one handy package.

2. Osco Bamboo Three Tier Letter Tray

Best desktop tidy for paper shufflers

Size: W24.5xH17.5xD37.5cm
Type: Letter tray
Material: Bamboo
Reasons to buy
+Neatly files your paper+Stylish office addition
Reasons to avoid
-Doesn’t hold pens

If you’re looking for a document organiser for your desk that doubles up as a stylish feature, this letter tray will do. Made from bamboo, this letter tray has 3 sections for separating out high, mid and 'don't care, tbh' priority documents. 

This highly-rated design should blend in well with just about any home office, although it only solves the problem of piles of messy paper. If you have more desktop mess to organise, keep scrolling…

3. Suck UK Pencil Sharpener Desk Tidy

Best desktop tidy for pen hoarders

Size: W8.8xH8.8xD12.5cm
Type: Pen pot
Material: Rubberwood,stainless steel
Reasons to buy
+Attractive, as novelty items go+Plenty of space for pens and other long, thin objets
Reasons to avoid
-No space for anything else

Sometimes, simple is best, and if all you’re after is a simple pen pot organiser, this novelty desktop pen holder from Suck UK is a decent, eco-conscious choice. 

Designed in the shape of a pencil sharpener, as you can see, this deep pot provides ample room to store your pen collection. Suck UK aren’t sucky at being environmentally friendly either; the wood hails from the rubber tree which, we are assured, is ever-so sustainable. 

5. Fellowes I-Spire Series Desk Organiser

Best desktop tidy for your phone

Size: W27xH19.5xD15cm
Type: Charger and storage
Material: plastic
Reasons to buy
+Charges your phone+Keeps its screen visible
Reasons to avoid
-What about our damn pens?!

When you’re taking calls and checking emails all day, your phone is soon sapped of its charge. With this desk tidy providing a convenient place to charge your phone, you’ll no longer need to worry about losing it under piles of paper. It also does a good job of keeping pens, rubbers and staples sorted too, with a pot to the rear of the phone charger and a little shelf at the back. 

A handy little desktop gadget organiser for those with a phobia of battery drainage.

6. House by John Lewis Hanging Mail Organiser

Best organiser for your mail

Size: W27xH46xD7cm
Type: Charger and storage
Material: Rubberwood
Reasons to buy
+Stores important letters+Keeps your desk free of paper
Reasons to avoid
-And for pens?

Sometimes all you need is somewhere to store the mountain of mail on your desk so your life can feel clutter-free. You can use this mail organiser as you see fit - a slot for outgoings, a slot for incomings, a slot for posting and even a slot for junk. Or maybe you could use the bin for that.

Unlike a standard document holder or letter tray, this desk tidy hangs on the wall, so it won’t take up valuable desk space. A perfect desk tidy solution for busy families and small spaces.