Veho Muvi K-Series K2 Review: Hands on

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The Muvi K2 is a stylish and affordable rival to the go-to GoPro

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The GoPro is now synonymous with any small camera designed to record high-octane action or stick-mounted holiday selfies. It has done what Hoover did for the vacuum cleaner and Tannoy for the loudspeaker.

But talented alternatives are available and offerings from the likes of Ion and, in this case Veho, are not only cheaper than the aforementioned industry leader but often just as capable of producing high quality video clips and holiday snaps.

Veho Muvi K2: Build

The chaps at Veho have clearly taken a long, hard look at their rivals over at GoPro and designed a camera that looks suspiciously similar. The K2's jet black housing has a somewhat stealthy look to it and the rugged plastic casing suggests it can handle a few crashes.

A tiny 1080p camera sits inside the robust cladding and its general fit and finish is as impressive as the rest of the package. The K2 is waterproof up to 100m, which is much deeper than the GoPro Hero4's 40m, meaning it's well worth considering if you're looking to get crystal clear images from an upcoming diving trip.

It's definitely not the lightest package though, especially when the digital viewfinder is attached to the rear of the camera, meaning head-mounted shots can be a literal pain in the neck.

Veho Muvi K2: Features

The basic K1 camera (£149.95) comes with three different mount plates but lacks the all-important waterproof casing and can only shot at 30fps. Spend a bit more and you get the K2 (£199.95) with aforementioned housing and the ability to shoot at 60fps, or part with £239.95 and the K2 camera comes bundled with an 8gb Micro SD card and a neat carry case that's as robust as the camera inside.

All cameras feature built-in Wi-Fi, so you can take photos, shoot video and beam footage straight to a bespoke smartphone app (more on that later).

The most expensive package also comes with a detachable LCD back screen that's extremely handy if you're shooting in the water and don't want to get your iPhone wet.

Veho Muvi K2: Controls

There are three main controls on the top and front of the Muvi K2 housing, which sounds extremely simple but can be a little confusing.

Hit the button with a little logo of a camera on it and it fires off a still shot but hit the big red record button and it simply prepares the camera for video mode. A large green button at the front has to be depressed to commence filming - irritating.

Take the camera out of its waterproof housing and there is a sliding switch to turn on both the camera and Wi-Fi, plus small buttons on the detachable LCD screen that allow images and video footage to be reviewed.

It's fairly simple to master but the buttons can be fiddly, especially when layered up in 5mm of wetsuit neoprene like we were during this test. There is also a slight delay between operations, so patience is a necessity.

Veho Muvi K2: App

The Muvi K-Series app is available to download for free for both Apple and Android devices.

Simply activate the Wi-Fi function on the front of the camera, search for the camera in said smartphone's Wi-Fi settings and connect. We had a bit of trouble linking the first time but a bit of fiddling soon gets it running smoothly.

The app then allows you to preview what the camera sees, albeit with a one second time delay, then commence filming, take individual still shots or activate a 'Fast Shot' mode that takes multiple still images in quick succession.

You can then beam the images and footage directly to the smartphone for rapid social media sharing or editing on the fly.

Veho Muvi K2: Battery

Despite its minuscule footprint, the Muvi K2 boasts a 1500mAh battery that is good for around four hours of shooting.

Strap the LCD screen on the back or rely too heavily on the Wi-Fi functionality and that estimated battery life will be eaten into, but we used both extensively and the hardy little camera had plenty of life left after a chilly two-hour surf session.

Veho Muvi K2: Picture quality

The camera records 1080p at 60fps or 720p at 120fps, meaning the resulting video is impressive. The colours don't quite pop as they do when the latest GoPro is set up correctly but that's mainly due to a lack of adjustability on the Muvi K2 and the fact that surfing in the UK is far removed from the cobalt skies and azure oceans of California.

It's a much more user-friendly package because of this though, as the camera can be slapped on a mount and used with minimum set-up time. The 16mp images are also fantastic when shot in favourable lighting conditions.

Veho Muvi K2: Verdict

The Muvi K2 is definitely a chunkier offering than many of its closest rivals but it looks great and is all the more robust for it. Some of the buttons and functionality can be a bit tricky to fathom and the camera requires an element of patience due to slow processing speeds.

Image quality isn't quite up there with the best that GoPro has to offer but a simple bit of experimentation can lead to some very professional-looking results.

Plus, a wealth of accessories makes capturing almost any activity a breeze. It's certainly worth consideration if you're in the market for a solid action cam, especially one that's waterproof to 100m.

Veho Muvi K-Series K2 availability: Out Now,

Muvi K-Series K2 price: £199.95 (camera, selection of mounts and waterproof housing) £239.95 (as before but with LCD screen and rugged carry case)

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