Secretlab Titan XXS review: the best gaming chair for children (and Totoro!)

Want a hyper-premium gaming chair for a child? The Secretlab Titan XXS series is what you should buy

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Secretlab Titan XXS review
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T3 Verdict

If you're a fan of quality gaming chairs and want to buy your child/pet/Totoro a seat to sit on while playing games, then the Secretlab Titan XXS is the product for you.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Perfect size for Totoro (and children/pets)

  • +

    Identical quality to full-size Titan

  • +

    Three upholsteries to choose from

  • +

    Collector's piece

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Obviously, it's for children

  • -

    Expensive for a child's gaming chair

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If you know anything about the best gaming chairs then you know that, right now, there is one company that is leading the pack in terms of quality and innovation.

That gaming chair maker is Secretlab, who with products like their Secretlab Titan Evo 2022, are taking gamer seating to a new level of awesome.

And now, after receiving unexpected demand for a product that, originally, was created as an April Fools' Day gag, has proceeded to carry that quality into a gaming chair that is made specifically for children, pets and even - as the images in this review testify - Totoros.

Here in T3's Secretlab Titan XXS review I'll show you just what this product is, how it stacks up against a full-size adult gaming chair, and who should really buy one.

Secretlab Titan XXS

An image showing the size comparison between the regular sized Titan and the smaller Titan XXS.

(Image credit: Secretlab)

Secretlab Titan XXS review: price, availability and colors

The Secretlab Titan XXS is available right now from the US Secretlab store as well as the UK Secretlab store.

The Secretlab Titan XXS price is $299 in the US and £279 in the UK.

The Secretlab Titan XXS colors include a "Stealth" black NEO Hybrid Leatherette and a "Plush Pink" and "Frost Blue" SoftWeave Plus Fabric upholstery.

Secretlab Titan XXS review

The smaller Secretlab Titan XXS is a perfect fit for Totoros. That's right, T3 always does the hard-hitting journalism other site's don't.

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Secretlab Titan XXS review: design and size

Ok, to be very clear if it wasn't already, the Secretlab Titan XXS is a 1:2 size chair that is designed for occupants who have a maximum height of 160cm (5’2”) and a maximum weight of 70kg (154lbs). So, for children, then.

The XXS in the product's name stands for "Extra Extra Small", and you only have to look at the dimension of the chair to see the size difference to a regular Titan gaming chair.

Secretlab Titan XXS review

The review chair came in the Plush Pink Secretlab SoftWeave Plus fabric. 

(Image credit: Future)

What is very important to mention right here though is that just because the chair is half the size of the regular Titan, its design and build quality remain identical. This is very much the same quality gaming chair design that got awarded a maximum score of 5 stars on review and also currently tops our gaming chair buying guide – it's just smaller.

And that's really enthusing as, truth be told, at $299 / £279 this is one expensive gaming chair for children. Most of the children gaming chairs we see are under $100 / £100, so in order to justify this cost we'd at the very least expect the build quality and fit-and-finish to be top draw. I can confirm it is.

Secretlab Titan XXS review

Only small creatures should apply.

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The review chair I was sent was the Secretlab Titan XXS in Plush Pink, which is great as I really like pink as a colorway and so does my daughter and the other notable resident of our house, Tototo.

A few notable design features to call out include the chair's locking casters, which is a nice safety feature for kids, as well as height-adjustable armrests and an included head pillow. Unfortunately this head pillow is a strap-on variety and not the wizzy new Secretlab magnetic head pillow, but aside from the aesthetic hit it is just as comfortable.

Secretlab Titan XXS review

The components of the XXS as they are delivered out of the box.

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Secretlab Titan XXS review: assembly and performance

As I've written about multiple times, such as in T3's Secretlab Titan SoftWeave review, ease of assembly is one of the areas where Secretlab has really pulled away from most of its rivals, with easy to follow assembly instructions and quality, included-in-the-box tools making it a dream.

The Titan XXS was no different. I had the components out of the box in 5 minutes, and then fully assembled 10 minutes later. It really is just a matter of affixing the backrest to the seat, and then the seat to the lift mechanism and casters.

Secretlab Titan XXS review

Assembly is stupidly easy, and just requires tightening some bolts and screwing in two screws.

(Image credit: Future)

I mean, you literally have to tighten up a total of 8 bolts and screw in 2 screws to get the XXS fully operational, with the chair seat base coming pre-attached to the armrests. Honestly, it is a stupidly simple assembly procedure that, honestly, a kid could probably achieve (with a tiny amount of guidance from a parent), which makes sense considering this is supposedly a gaming chair for kids.

Secretlab Titan XXS review

The fully assembled Titan XXS (without head pillow shown).

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With the Secretlab Titan XXS assembled I then proceeded to test it out, with both my daughter and resident Totoro getting comfortable in it. My daughter reported that she thought it was nice to sit in while playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons (and she enjoyed playing with the gas lift and spinning round in circles on it), while Totoro proceeded have another serious snooze on it (he needs all his rest to help the trees grow!).

I also had a quick sit in the chair, despite my size and weight, and thought it felt like a normal Titan, just miniaturised, which is the whole point. I can confirm that the chair seemed to deal with my adult weight just fine, too, with no visible or audible signs of stress. I know the chair is not designed for adults but it was pleasing to see that, in a pinch, an adult could sit in it for a while.

Secretlab Titan XXS review

I can confirm that Totoro loves the Secretlab Titan XXS.

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Secretlab Titan XXS review: verdict

Overall, then, I think the verdict write up for the Secretlab Titan XXS is quite obvious. In the most reductive terms this is the best gaming chair on the market today in 2022 for children. If you want to treat your child to an awesome gaming chair, or just want a collectable (as these XXS chairs aren't been made in large numbers), then this is the chair to buy.

The XXS doesn't drop any of the quality that Secretlab has become known for with its adult gaming chairs, and also comes is a selection of upholsteries and colors that means most children's tastes will be catered for.

And, as this is the best product in its category on the market, I'm awarding it a maximum score of 5 stars.

However, and I hope this is obvious from my Secretlab Titan XXS review, this clearly isn't a product for the vast majority of gaming chair buyers and, considering its price point, will only appeal to the most well-heeled shoppers within the kids gaming chair niche.

As, being candid, for the child gaming chair market there are loads of options that I'm sure 99 per cent of children would love that cost a fraction of the price of the XXS. If money is no object, though, then the Titan XXS will serve your child, pet or Totoro perfectly.

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