Seagate The Last of Us Part II Limited Edition Game Drive for PS4 review

2TB of room for your games, post-apocalyptic and otherwise

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Seagate TLOU2 The Last of Us Part II PS4
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If you really want to advertise your affection for The Last of Us Part II and are also running out of space on your PS4 console, then this external drive from Seagate is a perfect pick – it gives you a generous 2TB of extra space to play with, and is quick and quiet in operation.

Reasons to buy
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    Tasteful design

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    Quiet and quick

Reasons to avoid
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    For TLOU2 fans only

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    Not an SSD

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If you're at all into gaming then you can't fail to have noticed the buzz around The Last of Us Part II – perhaps the defining video game of this current generation of consoles. If you also need a themed game drive to go along with it, then Seagate has you covered.

Of course it works just like a normal external drive for your PS4 or PS4 Pro, despite the prominent game branding. We're imagining that if you're spending money on this limited edition drive though, you have at least a passing interest in The Last of Us Part II.

The name of the game is printed in large lettering on the top of the drive, together with a laser-etched copy of protagonist Ellie's tattoo – the branding here is not subtle, and you're not going to be able to pass this off as a generic game drive when friends call round.

Besides the design of this limited edition drive, the big selling point here is the 2TB of storage space it gives you, which will be comfortably more than (and quite possibly double) the amount of space that came with your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro.

Seagate The Last of Us Part II Limited Edition Game Drive for PS4 review: design and specs

Seagate TLOU2

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The game drive comes in a form factor that will be familiar to anyone who's used a portable USB-powered external drive before. It's compact, small enough to fit in a hand just about, and lightweight as well, tipping the scales at just 150 grams (5.29 ounces). You get the drive and a relatively short USB cable in the box, and it then connects directly up to your PS4 without the need for a second power source.

When it comes to The Last Of Us Part II styling, it's both subtle and very visible at the same time. The fern leaf tattoo is subtle, carefully laser-etched into the top panel of the drive, while the game title lettering alongside it dominates the design of the drive. You may or may not agree, depending on your aesthetic taste, but we quite like it. If you've picked up the limited edition PS4 bundle, with similar TLOU2 stylings, then of course this drive is the perfect accessory.

The drive comes with a 2TB capacity as we've already mentioned, and based on the average game size, Seagate reckons you're going to be able to fit around 50 games on that before you run out of room. You've got a conventional mechanical hard disk drive in the casing, not an SSD, though it should still be nippy enough to do everything you need it to (while keeping the price reasonable).

Seagate The Last of Us Part II Limited Edition Game Drive for PS4 review: using the drive

Seagate TLOU2

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This is as much to do with Sony as Seagate, but getting The Last of Us Part II PS4 game drive up and running was a breeze: you plug it into a spare port on your console, and within a few moments it's ready to go. Actually, you'll need to format it first, but the PS4 software will take you through the very simple process that only takes a second or two.

While the drive is in use it's whisper-quiet, and a discreet little white LED light shows up on top of the device so you know that it's working. We had no problems getting the external disk to work with our own PlayStation 4, and the shorter USB cable is actually a good idea – it means you're less likely to have the drive trailing out further into the room where someone might step on it or trip over it.

Transfer speeds were pleasingly fast: we managed to shift about 11GB of data in a little over two-and-a-half minutes, so you're not going to be waiting long if you need to move games over to the external disk. You can also set the drive as the default location for new installs if you want to, through the PS4 software menu.

Seagate The Last of Us Part II Limited Edition Game Drive for PS4 review: price and verdict

Seagate TLOU2

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Check the widgets on this page for the latest prices on the Seagate The Last of Us Part II PS4 game drive, but at the time of writing we're seeing it online for around £80 – that's around £10 more than you'd pay for a standard 2TB Seagate game drive, which sounds fair enough to us. If you're that interested in the adventures of Ellie then you're probably going to be prepared to pay the premium.

Obviously with the standard game drive from Seagate available for less cash, this is only going to appeal to people who are loyal fans of the Naughty Dog game franchise. If you fit that description then we think it's a fitting way of advertising your affection for the game – and it looks great when paired with the TLOU2-themed PlayStation 4 console.

Besides the theming of the drive, everything is as you would expect from Seagate, which has been in the hard drive business for a long time: the drive is quick and reliable and quiet, the cost is reasonable, and setup is almost instant. A recommended upgrade for TLOU2 fans who are running out of room on their PlayStation 4s.

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