Klattermusen Gefjon 2.0 review: premium walking trousers done right

Climb every mountain with the Klattermusen Gefjon 2.0 pants

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Klattermusen Gefjon 2.0 review
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The Klattermusen Gefjon 2.0 are premium pants for premium hikers. They are comfortable, durable and versatile outdoor-focused trousers, and thanks to the flexible, breathable Hirsutum fabric and the plentiful pockets, they are well-suited for walking, hiking, climbing and beyond.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Stretchy material allows for a full range of motion

  • +

    Easily accessible leg pockets

  • +

    Quick drying fabric

  • +

    Durable construction

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not waterproof or water-resistant

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Scandinavian mountaineering equipment brand Klattermusen is the outdoor industry's best-kept secret. They have this almost unnatural ability to create highly functional outdoor gear that works well under technical scenarios, just as well as in everyday situations. The Klattermusen Gefjon 2.0 climbing pants are a prime example of this philosophy.

You see, the Gefjon 2.0 looks pretty unassuming at first, with some of its features feeling downright strange (e.g., the location of the back pockets). But give it just a few tries, and you'll soon realise that these pants were designed with the utmost care and with the outdoor person in mind. And the more you wear them, the more you fall in the trousers.

I've been testing the Klattermusen Gefjon 2.0 pants for almost six months, and based on my experience, they are some of the best walking trousers money can buy. Read on to find out what makes them so good and whether you should get a pair. (You really should.)

[First reviewed November 2023]

Klattermusen Gefjon 2.0 review

Klattermusen Gefjon 2.0 review: price and availability

Klattermusen Gefjon 2.0 review

(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)

Klattermusen Gefjon 2.0 Flexible Cotton Pants are available to buy now in both women's and men's versions directly from Klattermusen for a recommended retail price of £199/ $209 (approx. AU$ 379). AU price and availability TBC.

The women's Gefjon 2.0 is available in sizes XXS-XL and in three colours: Warm Sand, Raven and Forest Green. The men's option comes in sizes XS-XXL and is available in five colours: Warm Sand, Raven, Forest Green, Dusty Green and Amber Gold.

The original Gefjon trousers are still available and are now cheaper, thanks to the release of their successor in early 2023. The Gefjon is available in both full-length and short versions.

Klattermusen Gefjon 2.0 review: design and fearures

Klattermusen Gefjon 2.0 review

(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)

As mentioned in the intro, the Klattermusen Gefjon 2.0 pants are relatively unassuming. They almost look like any old straight-fit cotton trousers, albeit the more premium kind. There are two hand pockets (non-zipped) on each side, located around the seam, which I'll talk about later. There is also a zipped pocket with an internal, flexible mesh pocket for phones on the right leg.

Scratch the surface, and you'll find a lot more technical details hidden in plain sight. For instance, the Gefjon 2.0 pants are made from Klattermusen's technical cotton weave called Hirsutum, which is said to provide added breathability and flexibility. 

The trousers feature reconstructed seams for a cleaner look and a new front closure for a quick yet reliable opening. The waist around the back is slightly higher for added protection, and the crotch area is reinforced for agility. After all, the Gefjon 2.0 was designed for climbing!

Klattermusen Gefjon 2.0 review: performance and comfort

Klattermusen Gefjon 2.0 review

(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)

I received the Gefjon 2.0 pants with the Klattermusen Syr Unisex Levitend Hooded Parka. Although I knew about the technical heritage of the brand, I almost felt cheated when I tried both garments on for the first time – they felt too fashion-forward and less practical.

Once I overcame my initial worries, I soon realised just how functional the jacket and the trousers were. Take, for example, the location of the pockets on the Gefjon 2.0. Instead of placing them over your bum, Klattermusen moved the rear pockets onto the side of the legs, mirroring the position of the front pockets.

It feels like an aesthetic choice, but if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense to have the pockets here. Firstly, it's more comfortable to sit in the pants without removing anything from the rear pockets. And secondly, everything is more accessible when you can quite literally see the pockets.

The Hirsutum is super breathable and enables you to wear the Gefjon 2.0 in almost any weather. I wore them during spring, summer and autumn/fall and never felt uncomfortable. The only downside is the lack of waterproofing, although if you're clever, you can combine them with the Levitend Hooded Parka referenced above and stay waterproof all year around.

The climbing-oriented flexible and stretchy fabric works equally well for walking and hiking. I found them comfortable to wear for anything and everything, including strolls on the beach, sitting in the office or on the train, and hiking up mountains in Scotland.

Klattermusen Gefjon 2.0 review: verdict

Klattermusen Gefjon 2.0 review

(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)

You should get the Klattermusen Gefjon 2.0 pants if you need comfortable, durable and versatile outdoor-focused trousers for walking, hiking, climbing and beyond. I've been using them since April, and the more I wear them, the more I want to wear them. Better still, they look as fresh as they looked on day one, despite the stuff that I put them through, which is impressive, although not surprising.

They do come at a price, but it's worth noting that the Gefjon 2.0 pants are likely to last longer than your average retailer's own-brand trousers, so one wonders which is better for the planet and your wallet. I'd say owning the right equipment trumps owning many copies of the wrong one. It might just just be me, though...

Klattermusen Gefjon 2.0 review: also consider

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