Foreo UFO 2 review: a perfect two-minute glow up

It comes at a price but the UFO 2 is an at-home revelation

Foreo UFO 2 review
(Image credit: Foreo)
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The UFO 2 feels like a surprising revelation. It’s not cheap but every two-minute session feels like a pleasing escape with its soothing temperature settings and energising pulsations. An intuitive app seals the deal on the perfect at-home skincare device

Reasons to buy
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    Wide variety of speedy treatments

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    Feels great

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    Glowing skin post mask

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Reasons to avoid
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    Additional mask purchases necessary

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Preparing to write a Foreo UFO 2 review is dangerously relaxing. Oh, let’s just try another mask, just to be sure… Just one more… 

The rise of smart beauty tech has only accelerated over lockdown as the world of spas and treatments shut down but Swedish brand Foreo has actually been in the field since 2013. Its range of colourful smart tech such as the Luna 3 cleansing brush and Bear microcurrent device are all about delivering spa-level treatments at home in a matter of minutes. 

The UFO 2 device delivers what Foreo describes as a ‘supercharged 2-minute facial.’ This stylish little disc delivers mask treatments by combining specially designed individual face masks with heating thermo-therapy, cooling cryo-therapy, and LED lighting. But does it actually work? Let’s break it down in this Foreo UFO 2 review.

Foreo UFO 2 review

(Image credit: Foreo)

Foreo UFO 2 review: Price

At first glance, the price of the UFO 2 might spark immediate incredulity. With a set RRP of £249, this isn’t a cheap toy but it’s important to compare this to the price of face masks and treatments across the board. Where some people go for expensive 20-minute facials for upwards of £60, others would far rather be able to fit this into a significantly smaller amount of time and appreciate the flexibility of home. Plus, no need for small talk. 

There are two other UFOs on offer. The original UFO and the UFO Mini 2. The original UFO’s heat therapy isn’t as fast and there is no advanced temperature control but it still works with all UFO activated masks. The Mini 2 doesn’t come with the cooling cryo option of the UFO 2 or advanced temperature control but it is even more compact and significantly cheaper at £159. 

Unlike many of the other Foreo devices, you do need to add on the price of masks here too. There are more than 12 different types available at a variety of prices which range upwards of £9.99 for a 6 pack. Again, this adds to the cost but masks in the beauty world are a significant outlay. In comparison, something like the Hanacure mask kit currently sits at over £100 for four masks so this isn’t a cheap world. UFO 2 might not look like it but it is competitively priced.

Foreo UFO 2 review

(Image credit: Foreo)

Foreo UFO 2 review: Design & features 

The UFO 2 itself comes in four colours and is a pleasingly weighty device that fits neatly in the palm of your hand. On one side is a decorative Foreo logo with a grippy metal covering and on the other is a smooth metal circle over which to place your choice of mask. All you have to do is easily unclip a circle of plastic, place the mask over the surface and clip it back into place with the ring. It’s exceptionally easy and another logo on the ring lets you know you’re clipping it in the right way. Then it’s just a case of connecting the UFO 2 to the Foreo app via Bluetooth, choosing your treatment, and running it under warm water to clean it after use. The UFO 2 comes with a small plastic stand and the impressively long-lasting battery is recharged via an included USB cable.    

The Foreo app is exceptionally easy to use and once you have connected the device, you just need to choose from the treatments on offer. Whether you’re using the Manuka Honey mask or Make My Day hydrating option, it’s easy to scroll along to the right mask and hit ‘start treatment’. There’s always a video tutorial for each mask too so it will constantly let you know if you’re doing the right thing. You might want to turn the app voice down to feel truly relaxed as each treatment differs in tone. You could always just ignore your phone entirely once it’s started.  

Just like regular face masks, UFO masks are individually wrapped so there’s no worry of opening a packet and others drying up. All you have to do is extract the gooey product-covered disc from the packaging and place it onto the UFO 2. Sounds weird? Only a little. 

Foreo UFO 2 review

(Image credit: Foreo)

Foreo UFO 2 review: Use

There’s no getting around it. The Foreo UFO 2 feels surprisingly enjoyable to use. While it seems a little strange to be connecting your phone to anything and relaxing for a beauty routine, the warming and cooling technology immediately feels brilliant on your skin. The pulsations feel instantly energising and while the LED lighting purports anti-ageing capabilities, there’s no denying that whatever it is doing feels exceptionally pleasing. 

Each two-minute experience feels lovely and this reviewer was left with glowing and happy skin after trialling four of the different masks on offer including the apparently collagen-infused Youth Junkie. Can we guarantee that you’ll look younger afterwards? Absolutely not but each two-minute session does feel like a relaxing break and it’s amazing how quickly you’ll get used to an app telling you to relax while moving a strange alien device over your face. 

Even using twice a week seems to make a big difference to skin and even normally very sensitive skin prone to redness doesn’t react badly to the treatments. This is, of course, subjective but the treatments appear to be gentle and soothing.

Foreo UFO 2 review: Verdict

It’s not an insignificant investment but the UFO 2 manages to deliver soothing spa-level treatments in an incredibly short space of time. The device is exceptionally easy to use alongside the app and the two-minute treatments are a revelation for those short on time who don’t want to neglect their skincare regime.

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