Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal gaming chair review: ultimate comfort even in the most intense moments

All about comfort, the Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal will give you not just support and adjustability where you need them, but also plenty of space

Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal gaming chair review
(Image credit: Cougar)
T3 Verdict

The Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal goes above and beyond providing comfort. There’s a lot of support and adjustability offered here, allowing you to truly make it a throne of your own. Yet it adds the dimension of space, allowing you to spread out no matter your size.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Highly adjustable

  • +

    Robust, high-quality PVC leather

  • +

    Great comfort for long hours of play

  • +

    More subtle gaming aesthetic

Reasons to avoid
  • -


  • -

    Takes up space

  • -

    Headrest not adjustable

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Are gaming chairs really overhyped? Not if the Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal has anything to say about it. This flagship gaming chair from Cougar set out to prove that while an army of Redditors insist, for good reason, that most gaming chairs are overrated, there are a few great ones out there worth shelling out a bit of cash for.

The Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal is built not just for comfort, but also to give you space – and it succeeds on both accounts. Think of it as the Iron Throne, if the Iron throne was plushier and a lot less thorny. This gaming chair is massive, perfect for gamers with extra build but also a delight for smaller users who simply like to spread out, while keeping comfort its top priority with its support and adjustments.

If you aren’t sold on gaming chairs, the Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal might just convince you to jump on the bandwagon. Especially because it isn’t as expensive as you might think.

Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal review

(Image credit: Cougar)

Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal gaming chair review: design and setup

With the Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal, the devil’s in the details. It’s hard to tell it apart from the other gaming chairs out there just by looking at it. That’s true, even though it has toned down on the brightly colored trimmings.

Opting instead for a solid black look with just the gold-threaded Cougar logos on the head and lumbar pillows, as well as the gold-quilted design on the seat and backrest, was a pretty effective move on Cougar’s part. It gives the Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal a classier look that allows it to fit just as nicely in a home office setting as it would in a gaming setup.

Still, there’s no doubt this is a gaming chair. It has the same so-called gamer aesthetic, complete with that stereotypical racing seat design and a 5-star base with big wheels. And for the more outgoing, there’s also an orange version.

Where the Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal really shines is in the design details it has incorporated to deliver ultimate comfort. Its extra-large build is among them, touting seat width of 60 cm (a little less than 24 inches) and a backrest width of 62 cm (or 24.4 inches). That extra bit of space is just as much a boon for gamers with a bigger build as it is for smaller gamers who prefer to spread out, this writer included. In fact, this chair can support a considerable weight – up to 160 kg (352.74 lbs), to be exact.

Speaking as someone with cats, I can attest to its build quality as well. That extra-thick premium PVC leather and equally premium suede-like trim are surviving the occasional scratches swimmingly. In fact, you can’t really tell that it’s received its small share of cat love. Inside, that high-density mold-shaping foam is terrific, as it offers the right amount of support without sacrificing plushness.

The top-quality materials don’t end there. The Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal comes with full steel bones and a class 4 gas lift cylinder, so you know that this will last you a lifetime, as well as support heavier users.

There are plenty of adjustments here so you can really customize it to your ultimate comfort and truly make it your very own throne. Its high-quality piston lift will let you adjust the height about 6 inches up or down while its reclining ability will let you lean that backrest back up to 170-degrees, so you can go from being extremely productive to taking a quick nap without ever getting up. Of course, it also lets you sit back and relax while gaming using a controller.

Also on its adjustability, the armrests are 4D adjustable, which means that you can move them forward/back, left/right and up/down, as well as tilt them at an angle. The lumbar pillow can be moved up and down as well, thanks to its two harnesses. Those hoping for headrest adjustability might be disappointed, but since the pillow is removable, it isn’t so bad.

Just bear in mind that this chair takes a bit of time to set up. Not that it’s a lot harder to do so, but that it’s just a little more involved. You might need assistance propping up the seat and backrest, for example, when screwing in some of the smaller parts. Do yourself a favor and go through all the instructions first before you dive in.

Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal review

(Image credit: Cougar)

Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal gaming chair review: Performance and features

The foam on the Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal’s seat may not be the plushiest out there, but when you’re sitting in front of the computer for hours – be it for gaming or work – you wouldn’t want anything too cushy. And the Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal seems to understand that, keeping the plushier bits where they’re needed most, specifically in the lumbar and neck/head regions. Both the lumbar pillow and the memory foam headrest pillow offer a nice cushiony sink to them.

Adding to your comfort, the Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal delivers a nice amount of tilt (up to 13 degrees) and does so effortlessly. Typically, it’s harder for lighter people to get chairs to tilt, as it takes more weight to do so. That isn’t the case here. Lean back, and this gaming chair will ease you into a relaxing, and fairly deep, back tilt.

When combined with the arch support from the lumbar pillow, it gives your back a satisfying little stretch and your body a bit of rocking – both of which we all could use every now and then when we’re hunkered over our computers. It’s like squeezing in a nice, albeit very quick, yoga session or five during your gaming one.

Separately, there’s also its reclining prowess, which is only made better by the fact that it has no fixed levels of recline, unlike other chairs that limit you to two or three angles. This means that not only can you recline smoothly, but you can also adjust to exactly where it feels most comfortable.

Both the steel bones and gas lift cylinder work beautifully and smoothly, making any adjustments to the chair painless. I only wish that the height adjustment lever was easier to access. When trying to raise the chair, you might find it a little inaccessible, depending on your height and arm length.

Meanwhile, although its robust 5-star base may look intimidating at first, it actually works beautifully alongside its big wheels. Together, they give this chair a level of maneuverability you might not expect from a chair its size and weight. In fact, they make the chair easy to use even in smaller spaces.

Even though there’s already considerable space here, the fact that you can adjust the armrests left and right allows you even more space when you need it. Even if you’re only getting less than an inch more on both sides, it actually makes a difference.

On the subject of space, the fact that this chair is more spacious than most, actually helps keep things cool. Since you’re not enveloped by it, there’s plenty of opportunities for air to circulate around you, giving your body room to “breathe.”

Cougar mentions that the PVC leather used is designed to be breathable, and this is true to an extent. It’s definitely not going to be more breathable than other breathable fabrics or mesh material, but it also doesn’t seem to keep heat locked inside, like some leather seats. The Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal is nice and soft to the touch, helping to keep you cool and keep sweat and stickiness at bay.

Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal review

(Image credit: Cougar)

Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal gaming chair review: Price and verdict

Surprisingly, the Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal will only set you back $380/AU$569 (not available in the UK), which is surprisingly affordable for a gaming chair of its caliber. In fact, I first assumed it would sit in the $500 range. It might be a little more than what most people expect to pay. However, keep in mind that while there are a lot of cheaper alternatives out there, there are also much pricier options.

You’re also getting a lot of value. Quality and comfort meet space and solid build in this flagship chair that’s wrapped in classy yet versatile packaging. At the end of the day, that’s a lot more important than “scoring a bargain.”

You’ll be hard-pressed to find fault here. The Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal has its share of minor flaws. The fact that it takes up a considerable amount of space may discourage some folks, especially those who have tiny work or game spaces, and the headrest not being adjustable might turn off people on the shorter side. Yet none of these are huge deal-breakers. That’s not to mention that both points are offset by the chair's maneuverability and removable head pillow.

Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal gaming chair review: Also consider

Not sold on Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal’s design? The Secretlab Titan, which offers a host of adjustments and customizations, takes an even more minimalist approach to that gamer aesthetic – albeit at a higher price tag. It’s made of soft weave fabric, which is divine and comes with amazing back support. No wonder it tops our best gaming chairs list. Just be prepared to pay more, especially if you’re intent on customizations.

Another understated option is the GT Omega Element. For a little less money than the Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal, it features a memory foam lumbar support and pillow, plus up to a 160-degree recline.

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