Amazon Smart Plug review: a basic Alexa smart plug

The Amazon Smart Plug isn’t the most feature-laden option but it works well

Amazon Smart Plug review
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T3 Verdict

The Amazon Smart Plug will turn any device smart - that can be anything from lamps to appliances and coffee machines. It lets you use voice commands or the Alexa app to power your tech on or off, you’ll also be able to set schedules and routines. It doesn’t work with Google Assistant, Siri or HomeKit though.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Quick and easy to setup

  • +

    Can be used with any tech or appliances

  • +

    Discreet and simple in design

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Lacks IFTTT support

  • -

    Basic functionality

  • -

    No HomeKit support

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If you already own Amazon devices, and you want to expand your smart home, this Amazon Smart Plug review is the right place to be - although it may be basic, the Amazon Smart Plug is one of the best smart plugs for those who already use the Alexa ecosystem. 

Smart plugs are a great way to make any device smart, whether that’s a lamp or a fan, you’ll be able to control them remotely using an app on your phone, or through your voice assistant. There are loads of options out there - so let’s get straight down to it, to find out if the Amazon Smart Plug is right for you, or not. 

Amazon Smart Plug review: price and features 

You can buy the Amazon Smart Plug for $34.99 in the US and £24.99 in the UK. It sits towards the pricier end of the smart plug market, but be sure to keep an eye out for discounts as it’s almost guaranteed to be included in the Amazon Prime Day deals for 2021 which is coming up very soon. 

Designed to be used with the Alexa ecosystem, the Amazon Smart Plug adds voice control to any of your electrical wired devices. It doesn’t require a hub to work and can be set up in the Alexa app. Once up and running, you’ll be able to switch devices on or off remotely, as well as set schedules for them. It works with everything from lamps to appliances. 

Amazon Smart Plug review: design and setup 

Amazon Smart Plug review

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Measuring 80 mm x 38 mm x 57 mm in the US and 63 x 96.2 x 56mm in the UK, the Amazon Smart Plug features one electrical socket. It isn’t the smallest option out there, but it’s not the biggest either. If you want to use it in a tight space, like behind a cabinet, you’ll want to check it will fit with your tech plugged in. You shouldn’t have to worry about it blocking access to the second wall socket, though. 

The simple white box-shaped design has the Amazon logo integrated discreetly into the front, there’s also a button to control it manually placed on the left-hand side and a tiny LED light indicating whether it’s powered on or not. 

Amazon Smart Plug review

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Setting it up only took a couple of minutes. You just need to open the Amazon Alexa app which automatically identifies the plug. If it doesn’t pop up when you open the app, you can tap devices at the bottom of the screen and the + symbol to begin setup. You'll then have to choose which device you'd like to add, after which it instructs you to scan the barcode on the back of the plug. That's your job done, it will then connect itself to your home network.

After that, you can change the name of the plug either by asking your Alexa smart speaker to rename it, or manually through the app. To control it simultaneously with other smart devices in the room, the Amazon Smart plug can be added to a group. I have my Alexa-compatible tech grouped by room, so added it to my Lounge set-up, and had plugged it into a lamp for testing.

Amazon Smart Plug review: performance 

Amazon Smart Plug review

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You only get very basic functionality with the Amazon Smart Plug. You’re limited to just switching it on and off. To do so, you do get the choice of using voice commands through Alexa or through the app. You can also create Routines that will power it on or off at set times of day, at sunrise or sunset, or if triggered by a motion sensor. You can also set it to switch on or off with certain voice commands, like turning on when you say ‘Alexa, welcome me home.' 

The plug responded almost immediately to both voice and app-based commands and had no issues sticking to the schedules and routines either. You’ll know it’s worked as you hear a little click each time it comes on or off. The Alexa app is also incredibly easy to use, and will often prompt you to make changes like customising the plug's routines. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have IFTTT so won’t work with other smart devices like locks or thermostats. You also can’t control it using other smart assistants like Siri or Google Assistant, and it doesn’t work with Apple’s HomeKit either. Another downside is the lack of energy monitoring features like you get from TP-Link smart plugs, for instance. 

Amazon Smart Plug review: verdict 

Amazon Smart Plug review

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The Amazon Smart Plug may not be the most feature-heavy but it certainly does what it says on the tin, and it does it well. 

It lacks IFTTT support and there isn’t energy usage monitoring, you also won’t be able to control it using other voice assistants like Siri. But if you already have Amazon Alexa devices at home and you’re looking for a quick and easy way to control one of your other devices or appliances remotely, then this will be a good choice that will work seamlessly with the rest of your smart home. 

Amazon Smart Plug review: also consider 

Owners of Philips Hue might want to consider the Philips Hue Smart Plug, as that works with the Hue app as well as the Alexa app. It’s only recommended to be used with lights, though. 

The best smart plug you can buy is the TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Slim KP115. You’ll be able to use it with Alexa and through the polished Kasa app. What’s more, is that it gives you insights into your energy usage - it recently won Best Smart Energy Product at the T3 Awards 2021

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