ZeroLemon now selling 9000mAh battery for LG G3

It's the world's highest capacity juicer for the G3...

For chronic 0% battery phobics, this might be the perfect stocking filler...

Like many Android flagships, the LG G3 ships with a tinker-friendly removable battery pack.

Fortunately for power users everywhere, Zero Lemon has started flogging a supersize 9000mAh battery for the supersize smartphone.

The already-beefy 5.5-in LG touts a 3000mAh out of the box, but Zero Lemon's latest triples that - and adds a few inches to the phone too.

The high-capacity juicebox ships with its own rugged, shock-resistant case too, since the battery is much larger than the standard LG G3 fare.

While the LG G3 wasn't small by any means anyway, the addition of the battery and case will make the device absolutely huge.

The most high-tech brick you'll ever see...

Zero Lemon says its new battery is designed for 'absolute power efficiency', and will be compatible with any and all LG G3 models.

There's also a screen protector thrown into the deal too, protecting your smartphone from just about every angle.

The Zero Lemon case is pricing up at $59.99 right now, which translates to around £37.

It's also available for shipping in the UK too, despite only showing up on the US Amazon website for now.